"... those that seek to know self may find the way. Those that find the way become content, and find joy, peace ..." Cayce (352-1)

"For there is only the one ideal in HUMAN relationships, and that is as that given by Him who IS the way, the truth, the light: "Love thy neighbor as thyself." Cayce (1598-1)

"And then as He hung upon the Cross, He called to those that He loved and remembered not only their spiritual purposes but their material lives. For He indeed in suffering the death on the Cross became the whole, the entire way; THE way, THE life, THE understanding, that we who believe on He may, too, have the everlasting life." Cayce (5749-6)

"Meet the problems first, though, in the spiritual; then the mental and the material results will become more satisfactory. As the law has been and is a portion of the hopes - as the associations are still many of the problems of the moment - find the solution in the choices as in keeping with these: Thou hast seen the way of the Lord. Thou knowest it to be good. Depart not from same for the satisfying or the gratifying of material wishes or material desires. For, the law of the Lord is perfect; and they that seek to follow in His way shall not find themselves among those disturbed, nor among the children of want." Cayce (459-12)

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