3.19 - Coagulated Etheric Substance

Coagulated Etheric substance or (Mind of I AM) becomes polarized and disperses away from the center in ever decreasing velocities, quantities and density. The particles in this stream are mutually repulsive as in magnetism. The two phases are balanced and seek unbalance which they will find at the periphery of their virtual cube through the process of Voiding. The material (Terrestrial) universe becomes the divine (Celestial) un-universe in a ceaseless rhythmic balanced interchange. See Part 14 wherein we examine the two polar states leading to either dispersion or contraction.

"Taking into consideration even the introductory conditions of the etheric stage, etheric vibration has proved to me that the higher the velocity of its rotating stream the greater is its tendency towards the neutral center or center of sympathetic coincidence. Were it otherwise, how could there ever be any planetary formations or the building up of visible structures? If a billiard ball were rotated to a certain velocity, it would separate in pieces, and the pieces would fly off in a tangent, but if it were a ball of ether, the higher the velocity of rotation, the stronger would be the tendency of its corpuscles to seek its center of neutrality, and to hold together. [Keely, ATTRACTION PROPULSION ETC]

"When we rotate a mass with sufficient rapidity, the particles of that mass ultimately overcome cohesion by dispersing as fragments at a tangent (entropy) but should we cause rotation of the ether, this would produce condensation (syntropy), which is opposite in effect. This condensation effect increases with the velocity of rotation of the ether. This is the direct cause of formation of molecules as well as planetary masses." The Snell Manuscript

"We are One. We are the circle - the beginning - the end." Terresa, The Language of Light

Mutually Antagonizing Polarities

Figure 3.35 - Mutually Antagonizing Polarities (click to enlarge)

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