invisible white Light of Magnetic stillness

"The question has long been asked by research scientists why it is that the inert gases will not mix, or unite with "any of the other elements." The first answer is that the inert gases are not electrically divided and conditioned elements, as all of the others in the nine octaves are. The inert gases begin in the first octave as invisible white fluorescent light of zero motion. They end at the 9th cathode in the 9th octave, as visible white fluorescent light, which has reached a speed of nearly 186,400 miles per second. Fluorescent light is that light which begins in the undivided electric spectrum. It is the beginning and end of motion. All motion is either red or blue, according to its sex. The end of motion at the amplitude of the 9th octave means that the divided spectrum has been united as one colorless, sexless light which has been under such high compression that it has reached its limit of conditioning by motion and must be transformed from the white light of visible motion to the invisible white Light of Magnetic stillness. The fluorescent light is that ending of electric power to divide motion into pairs, and to condition the pairs with the opposing sex tensions of electrically divided spectrum opposites. The inert gases are not pairs. They are not divided. Division takes place by light projected from them, but that projected light of spectrum pairs is the basis of the electrochemical elements, which have great volume and density in comparison." [Atomic Suicide, page 261-262]

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