Basic Principles

Sympathetic Vibratory Physics (SVP) incorporates many basic principles, elements or sub-systems. Some of these are new (to us) and many are well known sometimes by a different name. Study through these in the order given (order may change from time to time). There is a plan to create short video clips on each of these Basic Principles. These basic principles are the pre-requisites required to understand Keely's science and philosophy. It seems people want a non-thinking how-to or step by step instructions on how to reproduce Keely's work without having to apply themselves to learn the background supporting concepts. Such does not yet exist although such has been worked on for years. Without the background supporting concepts or Basic Principles firmly internalized and understood there is no way to apply any of this in a truly meaningful way. A non-thinking application by rote is far into the future. First must come the understanding then the application. We publish SVP insights daily on our FaceBook page: Sympathetic Vibratory Physics on FaceBook

Words Terms and Definitions - definitions and meanings.

  1. SVP videos - a very good place to start.
  2. SVP physics and dynamics - good overview.
  3. What Vibration Is - another good overview.
  4. The Physics of Love 2.0 - book written for the beginner.
  5. Polarity
  6. Vibration - what it is and how it works. [see also Laws of Being]
  7. Keely viewed nature as having various subdivisions: Two major divisions and seven general subdivisions.
  8. Equilibrium one of the most important concepts.
  9. Disturbance of Equilibrium one of the most important concepts.
  10. Keely's Laws of Being the best work I've done to date explaining the unseen causative forces that together create and govern matter, force and energy. (This book is not for beginners.)
  11. Foundation laws of SVP Law of Assimilation, Law of Sympathetic Association, Law of Sympathetic Vibration, Law of Sympathetic Oscillation, Law of Attraction, Law of Balance, Rhythmic Balanced Interchange; [see Bjerknes Effect]
  12. Latent Force
  13. Harmony is health, discord is disease. [Keely]
  14. Working With God
  15. Vera Vita the Philosophy of Sympathy excellent explanation of the medium of Mind Force.
  16. Open Heart Accessing the etheric subtle force physics can only be done with an Open Heart. [see Part 24 - Awakening Your Genius]
  17. Chart of Matter and Energy snap-shot view of the universal process and subdivision.
  18. Law of Assimilation Every thing begins with this principle.
    1. Syntropy the Life Force Principle acting in a Fibonacci way of progressive accumulation or Inverse Square Law.
  19. Rhythmic Balanced Interchange - the dynamic nature of duality, vibration or interchanging syntropic and entropic forces.
    1. Law of Compensation and Equilibrium the foundation law.
  20. Dynaspheric Force = Universal Heart Beat = Rhythmic Balanced Interchange = Father-Mother Principle.
  21. Celestial Radiation - from where everything originates.
  22. Subdivision - Sometimes called Dimension or Plane. A snap-shot or classification of all Matter and Force.
  23. Music Theory see Scientific Basis and Build of Music
  24. Overtone Series - Part of the hidden dynamics of Creation and Evolution of all things.
  25. Etheric Elements - how all things are multi-dimensionally intermingled.
  26. Etheric Vapor
  27. Sympathy - harmony or Love, communication (connecting link) between all things.
  28. Sympathetic Vibration - the dynamic linkage between things and forces.
  29. Connecting Link - harmony, how and but what means all things are connected.
  30. Laws of Being - essentials, elements of basic dynamics and their relationships.
  31. Modes of Vibration - what the modes are their dynamics.
  32. 369
  33. Laws of Harmony Keely's forty laws of SVP.
  34. Mind Force is a pre-existing Natural Force - the Creative or Dominant force.
    1. Mind Force the hidden Scalar Force from whence comes workable force.
  35. Mind Power excellent book on the subject.
  36. Neutral Center - by and through which all motions of Force and Energy have their being.
  37. Neutral Center Dynamics - Details of actions of the Neutral Center
  38. Ultimate Constitution of Matter and Action of Force Regulating its Phenomena - the concordant multi-dimensional physical (observable) and non-physical (non-observable, scalar) world in which we live and have our being.
  39. Light Units - the universe is made of quantized Light.
  40. Stoichiometry - world of ratio and relative quantities or states.
  41. Music, Part 11 - SVP Music Model, Laws of Music.
  42. Syllogism - how to think and discern.
  43. Russells Optic Dynamo-Generator probably the best explanation of Dynaspheric Force.
  44. Bibliography - further reading.

Sympathetic Vibratory Physics: The Spiritual Science of John Keely and others
Dale Pond discusses how, for nearly 40 years, he has investigated the natural and spiritual science of John Keely, Walter Russell and many others. This has resulted in a comprehensive and cohesive paradigm spanning the Mind & Spirit realm to materiality and these to orthodox science.

Dale Pond has extensive knowledge and experience in many fields including various fields of science, metaphysics and business. These and more have been employed to rediscover and redevelop the Spiritual Science called Sympathetic Vibratory Physics wherein we can now know how Mind works in and through Matter to create our life experiences as well as engineer world changing technologies.

Filmed at the Eternal Knowledge Eternal Knowledge Festival April 27th -- 29th 2012, Suffolk, UK

Presentation by Dale Pond, Milwaukee, USPA Conference, 1994

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