Modes of Vibration - Annotated

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Three Modes of Vibration

Insert Page - Figure 8.3 - Coiled Spring showing Longitudinal Wave

Longitudinal Wave

Figure 8.3 - Coiled Spring showing Longitudinal Wave

Longitudinal Axis Triple axis of the three modes of vibration drawn to reference a circle and sphere.

The three modes working together develop rotation by and through each other's motion - the rotation is the Raleigh Wave or Surface Wave mode. The first two modes cause (or are) straight line and zig-zag motions only. The third or Raleigh Wave is circular.

Longitudinal Axis

Longitudinal Axis

Longitudinal Waves, Velocity of

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8.3 - Conventional View of Wave Motion Compression Wave Compression Wave Velocity Figure 8.2 - Compression Wave Phase Illustration Figure 9.11 - Compression Wave with expanded and contracted Orbits Longitudinal Wave Modes of Vibration Sine Wave Sound Wave Wave Field

Insert Page - Figure 8.4 - Transverse Wave

Transverse Wave

Figure 8.4 - Transverse Wave

Introduction to Keely's Wave Function - Perhaps one of the more interesting aspects of Keely's work is his Wave Function. The Wave Function is comprised of those foundational forces creating all oscillation and vibration which are seen effects of those unseen causes. Fundamentally these forces are in the 3, 6 and 9 proportions discussed in the "Laws of Being - Annotated" and "Modes of Vibration - Annotated".

Insert Page - Table 13.01 - Suppositional Math and Symbolic Structure

             +        Â±        -
A = ATH = IA(Hc) + IA(Dc) + IA(Ec) (Harmonic Current)
    ATE = IA(Ec) + IA(Dc) + IA(Hc) (Enharmonic Current)
    ATD = IA(Dc) + IA(Dc) + IA(Dc) (?)(Dominant Current)

A = ATH = IA(3+) + IA(4±) + IA(3-) (Harmonic Current)
    ATE = IA(3-) + IA(4±) + IA(3+) (Enharmonic Current)
    ATD = IA(4±) + IA(4±) + IA(4±) (?)(Dominant Current)

Hc = Harmonic current   = 3+
Ec = Enharmonic current = 3-
Dc = Dominant current   = 4±
Hs = Harmonic stream   = 3+
Es = Enharmonic stream = 3-
Ds = Dominant stream   = 4±
Subdivisons of Matter
  M = Molecular subdivision
 IM = Intermolecular subdivision
 AT = Atomic subdivision
 IA = Interatomic subdivision
  E = Etheric subdivision
 IE = Interetheric subdivision
CIE = Compound Interetheric subdivision

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Symbol Sympsionics

Insert Page - Table 2 - Controlling Modes and Proportions

Governing Mode
Subservient Mode
Molecular 100 x Enharmonic 66 2/3 Harmonic 33 1/3 Dominant
Atomic 100 x Harmonic 66 2/3 Enharmonic 33 1/3 Dominant
Etheric 100 x Dominant 66 2/3 Harmonic 33 1/3 Enharmonic

Does Feynman's morphology depict Keely's above 1/3 and2/3 Controlling Mode concepts? Insert Page - Figure 7B.09 - Feynmans Triplet Structure of Photon

Feynman's Triplet Structure of Photon
Figure 7B.09 - Feynman's Triplet Structure of Photon

Insert Page - Table 14.03 - Ranges of Forces Vibration Forms Types and Governing Laws

cps range (gamut)
Sound Type
Sound Effect
Sound Action
Vibe Type
Governing Law
? - ?
Atoms Oscillate
4,398,046,511,104 / 1.8014398509482E+19
Atoms Oscillate
2,097,152 / 4,294,967,296,000
Internal Vibrations
1... 1,048,576
[see Law of Transformation of Forces for explanation of this Table]

[1] see Subdivision

[NOTE: 06/29/13; CPS needs to be recalculated]

Away from Center
To Center
Balancing or Controlling
Keely / SVP[6]
Modern wave form
Angle of Incidence
Keely / SVP
Keely / SVP
Charles Henry[7]
Possible Correspondence[5]

[1] Also called Circular wave, Curl, Love Wave, Lamb Wave, Surface wave, Etheric. "Power of rotation comes on the positive and power of negation, arising when the receptive flows become independent of the circular chord of resonation (set up mechanically or otherwise) breaks up the rotational power." [ROTATION - Snell]

[2] Also called Compression wave. "The vibratory velocity governing the magnetic flow ranges from 300,000 to 780,000 per second and comes under the first interatomic. This is the first order above odor and permeates the molecules of glass in the compass cover as air passes through a sieve. Being governed by the full harmonic chord this flow moves in straight lines free from molecular interference. [MAGNETIC ENGINE - Snell] "when free of this differentiation are in straight lines." [Discordant] Figure 8.3 - Coiled Spring showing Longitudinal Wave

[3] "Discordance in any mass is the result of differentiated groups, induced by antagonistic chords, and the flight or motions of such, when intensified by sound, are very tortuous and zig-zag;" [Discordant]

[4] See Wave Field

[5] Artwork by JP et al. and this diagram: Triple Modes [6] The Seven Subdivisions of Matter and Energy, VACUUMS FROM VIBRATORY INDUCTION [7] Jose Arguelles, Earth Ascending, page 21; 1996 (3rd edition) [See Binary Triplet]


Keely's Three Modes of Vibration

Octave [Hz = 2octave]

"By use of the dominant mode, which is allied to the "order" of etheric vibrations, we can induct, "sympathetic negative attraction" or "sympathetic positive propulsion" in any mass, according to its mass chord." [SYMPATHETIC INDUCTION - Snell]

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