Law of Sympathetic Oscillation

"Coherent aggregates immersed in a medium pulsating at their natural pitch simultaneously oscillate with the same frequency, whether the pitch of the medium be a unison, or any harmonic of the fundamental pitch of the creative aggregate." Keely, 1894

Vibratory and Oscillatory Motions
Figure 8.13 - Vibratory and Oscillatory Motions, side view

Commentary April, 1986
Any coherent aggregate (any specific body), when immersed in a medium (such as the atmosphere), which is pulsating at the aggregate's natural pitch (eigenfrequency), will cause the aggregate to oscillate with the same frequency (of the atmospheric medium). Regardless whether the pitch of the medium (atmosphere) is a unison (the same frequency) or any harmonic (partial or component) of the fundamental (eigenfrequency) of the aggregate (body).

This law reflects what takes place in a finely tuned antenna circuit, i.e., a finely tuned antenna will resonate to a particular frequency that has been propagated in the atmospheric medium. Let us say an antenna of one meter in length will be particularly sensitive to wave lengths of one meter in length. Whether the length be exactly one meter or ten meters (a harmonic of one) it will still vibrate. We also know that if the atmospheric wave length is more or less than one meter, say 1.2 or .9 meters, then the resonance of the an- tenna is less than useful, in most cases. Another good example would be two tuning forks of the same frequency; one causes the air vibrate which in turn has this particular effect on the other fork.

Here we have an excellent explanation of synchronous vibrations or sympathetic vibrations. If the surrounding medium (the air) is vibrating at a frequency identical to or with a harmonic of the natural (eigenfrequency) frequency of the aggregate (antenna) the antenna will oscillate in unison with it (the air vibration). Likewise, if the air vibration is other than this frequency or a harmonic of it, no resonance will be manifested.

This law differs from the second law (see issue 3) in that the second law describes the natural frequency of the aggregate (antenna) alone. That is, the aggregate has its own rate independent of the medium in which it may be immersed.
We may liken this law to McGraw-Hill's definition of sympathetic vibrations which states:

SYMPATHETIC VIBRATION: "The driving of a mechanical or acoustical system at its resonant frequency by energy from an adjacent system vibrating at this same frequency. Increasing the dampening of a vibrating system will decrease the amplitude of its sympathetic vibration but at the same time widen the band of frequencies over which it will partake of sympathetic vibrations." [McGraw-Hill Concise Encyclopedia of Science & Technology.]

An analogy may be that of entering a quiet forest setting where one feels much peace and harmony. To accentuate this process, the same person should first experience the peace and quiet of a calm forest setting and then proceed from there into the traffic on their way home. Immersing one's self into a traffic jam has an effect of unsettling the quiet previously experienced. Thereby demonstrating the accuracy and validity of Keely's 6th Law of Harmony.

Commentary June, 1989
If a person having a little talent in a particular area is thrown in with a group of people fully exercising that talent the new person will quickly pick up what the others know and soon becomes fully competent in that area. An antenna strung up high in our frequency saturated atmosphere will oscillate and vibrate along with most of the rates it is surrounded with. Two examples far removed from each other in application but exactly the same in function or cause of activity - thus demonstrating that here again we have universal application and consequently a law.

This principle is also used by the great mystical schools of knowledge when they conduct their world-wide prayer healing sessions. If enough people mentalize what is desired many people will be influenced by that oscillatory or vibratory condition so created and begin to resonate with it. On the negative side we have the detrimental effects of Iran, old Germany and other cases of "mass hysteria." Furthermore, this is the basis of family, city and country group karma as outlined by Cayce in several readings on the subject. As a group thinks so they experience - to paraphrase a little. But what a tool for change and development! Imagine if many people's thoughts could be channeled similarly towards positive goals - what great deeds could be accomplished.

No less important are the various ways to make this law work for us in a laboratory. By indentifying sources of power in the universe antennas or accumulators can be designed to resonate to those sources thus becoming as channels for energy into your next invention. The little round disks (Attenuator) with many thin rods radiating from its circumference found on Keely's machines served just this purpose. There is enough energy in the atmosphere of varying frequencies to allow an accumulation of them into his spheres and snail-shell resonators thus giving him a source of energy he didn't have to go outside for.

Mechanically we could take this law and engineer a very vibrant device. Making a determination of vibrations active in a given environment (your workshop, home, etc.) and designing a vibrating device(s) that responds to such frequencies. This is what Keely's little disks with rods about its circumference did. Apparently they were sympathetic to certain frequencies and acted as very sensitive receivers of environmental motions. They also behaved like narrow band pass filters and receivers - all these functions rolled up into one simple device. The received vibration was then channeled to the center of the disk and then channeled into his machinery. This is how he could stand across a room and sound a harmonica or violin or even whistle and the device would begin its motions. In short, using this law, he was able to build a microphone that only responded to certain chords of frequencies and no other. This is also how radio antenna work from transmitter to receiver.

This law illustrates very well what a sympathetic vibration is: an object in accord, in harmony, in unison or of a harmonic with another are then sympathetic to each other. They are sensitive to each other. They vibrate as one unit and not as two separated by a distance. The key then to utilizing this principle is to make the components sympathetic to each other and energy is then easily transferred between them.

Through sympathetic association it can be seen that everything in the Universe is connected at least in some degree. All hydrogen atoms, all atoms (because of their commonality of component sub atomic parts) are linked together through sympathetic vibrations and oscillations. Whatever is done in one place can and does have an effect elsewhere. Because of this sub atomic connection (referred to by Keely as etheric or inter-etheric) there is a "high level" or what some would call spiritual connection between all things. This spiritual connection some call Christ Consciousness as it permeates all things. Is this not what Christ was: sympathetic to all around Him? [See Quantum Entanglement]

This sympathy of vibration permeates the Universe from end to end and is the connecting link between Man and the Spiritual things of life. Sympathetic vibrations are obedient to the laws of harmony thus it has been rightly pointed out by Edgar Cayce and others that music is the connecting link between material and spiritual (energetic states) realms.

This one law and the one preceding it state and reinforce this awesome and all-important concept of connectivity. It is indeed a shame on the face of Man that this simple mechanical idea has so long escaped his notice and embrace. This simple concept destroys the warring between the Creationists and the Evolu- tionists at once giving the answer to their arguments - which turns out to be the same answer in both cases. The material world was both created and is evolved according to the principles of music or more properly - the science of vibration.

Small wonder then that so many new books are being written and consumed that tie quantum physics with metaphysics - because they are discussing the same principles only in different contexts (they think).

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