Locked Potentials and the Square Law

Figure 12.02 - 0 Inertia Centered Scale
Figure 12.02 - 0 Inertia Centered Scale

In short this scale is a representation of the well-known Square Law and its reciprocal Inverse Square Law. These two modes of motion-in-opposition are presented as ONE MOTION or ONE FORCE behaving reciprocally and rhythmically or periodically. The Minus side radiates or dissipates energy as and according to the Square Law. The other half of this cycle is syntropic (negentropic) in that energy concentrates as a reciprocal of the Square Law or as is generally known, the Inverse Square Law. The Scale of Locked Potentials quantities are arithmetical and geometrical progressions and regressions. See Figure 12.09 - Dimensions and Relationships and Table 12.02 - Length Area and Volume Math. Science has long recognized that energy radiates according to the Square Law but science has totally ignored the accumulation of force according to the Inverse Square Law and it does not recognize these two seemingly opposite dynamics operate concurrently or perhaps intermittently. Likewise science does not recognize that all matter, force and energy can be placed or scaled at some point along this Scale of Locked Potentials according to its type, concentrating (assimilating) or dissipating (individualizing), and its relative degree of same in relation to its respective octave and within the total gamut of all matter and energy. [see Rhythmic Balanced Interchange, constant of proportionality]

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