Magnetic stillness

"Thus it is that gravity is seemingly created to control the compressive force of Nature and the regiving reaction of the creation of an expansive force. Expansion is the result of MIND-DESIRE TO GIVE by its outward explosive effect from its zero cathode. The re-giving of compressed energy, likewise, is an outward explosive effect, as electric compression ceases, and the result of that effect is to born its opposite and leave great black holes within compressed masses as they return to the zero of their Magnetic stillness." [Atomic Suicide, page 125]

"Earths and suns are the result of collisions which occur between polarized pairs where two bar magnets come together as you will see in figures 11, 12, and 13. These polarized pieces of steel should not be called magnets, however. Like the earth they are electrically created. They are electrical effects controlled by Magnetic stillness, which means Mind-stillness." [Atomic Suicide, page 179]

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