7B.16 - Polarity


In the sense world two seeming opposite states or conditions. These two states or conditions are controlled by a third state or condition.

The triple flow, or triune structure of any sound cannot be detected by the human ear, but since this also is a sympathetic flow, and likewise governed by the triune laws of sympathetic flows, it must correspond in having a threefold structure. If the sympathetic flow in acoustic vibratory transmission were not triune, polarity could not thereby be changed and rotation caused in the magnetic needle as demonstrated in Keely's experiments. [Sympathetic Stream]

Charge and Discharge Cycle

Charge and Discharge Cycle (click to enlarge)

"Polarity is that effect in Nature which is caused by dividing one point of Magnetic stillness into pairs of still points. A zero shaft is thus produced around which electricity spins its rings to create the electric potential, which is so casually referred to as "matter."" [Atomic Suicide, page 132]

Vitality decreases as poles gradually lose their ability to pull apart from each other. Degeneration and decay increase their power to disintegrate growth and life as polarity decreases. Life is but one half of the electric cycle - and death is the other half. [Walter Russell]

"But light is not only the source of these forces, it is also the great electro-magnetic polarizer. In the formation of the atom it receives the polar energy that gives it its individuality; its polarity constantly changes in dropping old and putting on new affinities; but the tendency is to equilibrium, or harmony. In inorganic matter the atoms are more angular than in the organic; the spheroidal form being proportioned to the stages of development. Each atom of matter contains one of the electric forces and is surrounded by an etherial atmosphere of the opposite electricity, thus each atom is a miniature of the earth. The atomic similarity to the aggregation of atoms - the earth - is most remarkable in the fact that the electric or magnetic force of each atom has a current, like the earth's current, pouring in at the poles and out at the equator; thus atoms contain within themselves the elements of their own existence. When the positive and negative forces of electricity harmonize, they move in equilibrium, as in terrestrial magnetism; when they are separated they become antagonistic, and positive electricity becomes "a blind force," as the Ancients termed it - they symbolizing electricity in equilibrium by a serpent swallowing its tail. Positive electricity is the active polar force, and the negative is the passive depolarizing force. Positive electricity is the ether tensely polarized, and when pushed to its utmost tension fire is produced." ["Red and Blue Light," by the late Dr. Seth Pancoast]

Classic Polarity
Classic Polarity

"Magnetism is not polar negative attraction, any more than polar negative attraction is magnetism; for polar negative attraction shows positive sympathetic outreach, of a high order; which is a condition entirely foreign to magnetism." The Snell Manuscript

This is a table of seeming opposing states, conditions, motions or vectors. For dualities of state, condition or cause and effect see Table of Cause and Effect Dualities. [See Celestial and Terrestrial Domains]

"Applying these fundamental laws to an explanation of the universe, as it is brought to human cognition, all manifestations of force may be treated as modes of vibrations. The essential differences give rise to three modes of vibration:

I. The Radiating: called also the "Dispersing", the "Propulsive", the "Positive", and the "Enharmonic".

II. The Focalizing: called also the "Negative", the "Negative Attractive", the "Polarizing", and the "Harmonic".

III. The Dominant: called also the "Etheric", or the "Celestial".

"These, it will be noted, correspond to the three laws of being. It is not to be understood that any one of these three modes of vibration can exist independently. Each by itself is called a "current", and all three must be present in every "stream" or "flow" of force. The relations of the currents in every flow are expressible in thirds, and it is experimentally demonstrable that the relation of the three are in the order named: as 33 1/3 : 66 2/3 : 100. [KEELYS PHYSICAL PHILOSOPHY - Snell]

Syntropy Entropy
The Focalizing The Radiating
Absorbing Emanating
Accumulating Dissipating
Plus Minus
Affinity Disunity
Affinity to Neutral Center[2] Affinity to Celestial[2]
Amperage Voltage
Anode Cathode
Appearance Disappearance
Assembling Distributing
Assimilation Dispersion
Association Dissociation
Attracting Repulsing
Attractive Propulsive
Attractive Repulsive
Center seeking Center fleeing
Centropy Entropy
Centralizing Decentralizing
Charging Discharging
Composing Decomposing
Concentrative Dispersing
Concordant Discordant
Condensation Ionization
Contracting Expanding
Cooling Heating
Decreasing volume Increasing volume
Density Evaporization
Distinctness Nebulousness
Earth Heaven
Electricity Magnetism
Endothermic Exothermic
Fast revolution Slow revolution
Fast orbit Slow orbit
Focalizing Radiant
Generating Degenerating
Genero-active Radio-active
Gravitation Radiation
Gravity Magnetism
Hardness Softness
Harmonic[1] Dominant[1]
Harmonic Enharmonic
Health Disease
High melting point Low melting point
High pressure Low pressure
Increasing Pressure Decreasing Pressure
Integrating Disintegrating
Inhalation Exhalation
Induction Conduction
Life Death
Male Female
Massive Tenuous
Negative (Keely) Positive (Keely)
Order Chaos
Order Disorder
Point Circumference
Polar Propulsion[1] Polar Attraction[1]
Polarization[2] Depolarization[2]
Positive Negative
negative vibration[1] positive vibration[1]
Polar Depolar
Receptive Propulsive
Red Blue
Rising potential Lowering potential
Slow rotation (spin) Fast rotation (spin)
Slow spin Fast spin
Solidity Tenuosity
Solution Dissolution
Storing Leaking
Sympathetic Anti-sympathetic
Centripetal Centrifugal
Terrestrial Celestial

Figure 2.12.1 - Polarity or Duality


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