Disempowering. Entropic dispersion. Decreasing of polar amplitude (bias?).

"The universe of matter is a registration of the energy expended by Mind in the effort of thinking. The exact energy of the action of thinking is registered in the electro-positive charging systems, and the reaction of the action is registered in the electro-negative discharging systems. The charging systems are electrically dominated, centripetally closing, contracting systems. The discharging systems are magnetically dominated, centrifugally opening, expanding systems. The low potential speed-time dimension of energy of the highest octave is gradually accumulated into the high potential power-time dimension of the fifth octave. When these two opposing dimensions equalize in the tenth octave the cycle is completed and begins again." [Figure 12.11 - Russells Locked Potential Full Ten Octave Gamut]

The amount of energy lost when a river discharging about 500 m3/sec is warmed to about +22°C (+72°F) amounts to about 45 million kilowatts or 57 million horsepower per second. [The Energy Evolution - Harnessing Free Energy from Nature, The Transport of Ore in Double-Spiral-Flow Pipes]

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