2.19 - Male-Father and Female-Mother Forces

These two forces, the essence of Male (Father, Positive, Syntropic) and Female (Mother, Negative, Entropic), may be pictured as red and blue vortices (swirling gyroscopic motions).

"And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters." Genesis 1:2

Male/Female Polarities 1 of 2
Male/Female Polarities 2 of 2
Fig. 2.12 Male-Father and Female-Mother Forces.

List of Synonyms for Polarity or Duality
Gravitation Radiation
Centralizing Decentralizing
Center seeking Center fleeing
Concordant Discordant
Harmonic Enharmonic
Assimilation Dispersion
Tight Loose
Polar Depolar
Male Female
Red Blue
Attraction Repulsion
Terrestrial Celestial
Earth Heaven
Order Chaos
Association Dissociation
Appearance Disappearance
Positive Negative
Negative (Keely) Positive (Keely)
Decreasing volume Increasing volume
Generation Degeneration
Inhalation Exhalation
Genero-active Radio-active
Endothermic Exothermic
Integration Disintegration
Distinctness Nebulousness
Composing Decomposing
Induction Conduction
Accumulating Dissipating
Charging Discharging
Assembling Distributing
Attracting Repulsing
Absorbing Emanating
High melting point Low melting point
Contraction Expansion
Rising potential Lowering potential
Condensation Ionization
Cooling Heating
High pressure Low pressure
Centripetal Centrifugal
Plus Minus
Freezing Melting
Hardness Softness
Solidity Tenuity
Slow rotation (spin) Fast rotation (spin)
Slow spin Fast spin
Fast revolution Slow revolution
Fast orbit Slow orbit
Density Evaporization
Massive Tenuous
Storing Leaking
Solution Dissolution
Affinity Disunity
Sympathetic Anti-sympathetic
Point Circumference
Life Death
Health Disease

Fig. 2.12.1 Male-Father and Female-Mother Synonyms.

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