His "carbon register" was a device by means of which he produced a vibratory circuit of sufficient frequency to break up cohesion molecular magnetism by use of the "etheric order of ozone" liberated by sympathetic vibration of air and water, which it seems he caused to pass into this "carbon register" and which produced the high frequencies by chemical affinity or some other form of action on the carbon.

His second system, in which he used the "Liberator" was not quite perfected so as to assure safety to the operator. The devices for indicating and governing the vibratory etheric circuit also left much to be desired.

3/22/85 "I have a plan for a device to be attached to the Liberator to show when the neutral center is free from intensification during operation. This will prevent the extension of the dangerous vibratory waves that are generated when operating the gun."

"Am preparing new features necessary as adjuncts to denote condition of safety during vibratory operations. Had an accident to one of my registers this morning, which burst with a tremendous report. It shook up things, but nothing was damaged but the register."

5/20/85 "After laboring six hours to set my safety process, the first operation of the Liberator tore the caps of the resonating tubes all to pieces. I replaced them with duplicates and set the Liberator on the low octaves, when everything worked to a charm. I followed up with great care the progressive chords to the tenth octave and liberated a score of times with the gun, yet no variation or intensification on the Liberator. I worked the Liberator continuously for 64 minutes on the revolving sphere when a second intensification took place, demolishing two safety shells and one vibratory indicator. I am unable to account for this. I then set up a position on the resonating wave plates in the forty resonating circuit and secured the best results I have ever yet secured. I believe I shall be able to obtain continuity of motion with perfect rotation."

7/15/85 "My safety arrangements (governors and indicators) are not working well but I hope soon to have them all right."

8/5/85 "I have met with an accident to the Liberator when experimenting on the third order of intensification. The rotation on the circuit was thrown down into the compound resonating chamber, where the instantaneous expansion of its volume exploded the metal casing enclosing the forty resonators and completely dismantled the Liberator. The shock took my senses for a few moments but I was not even scratched this time. A part of the wall was torn away, resonators and vibrators scattered about the room and the neighborhood alarmed. I quieted them by saying I was only experimenting. Dr. Woods and Mr. Collier saw the effect of the explosion just as things lay around."

Another time: "The safety arrangements now being attached to my Liberator will greatly improve it. It will now be operated by a gum bulb instead of a violin bow."

Keely suffered severe accidents in his battle with the problem of polarization and depolarization, which exposed him to accident after accident, violent explosions without the slightest warning, and was occasionally laid up for a number of days recovering from the effects. Except in one or two instances he escaped unharmed. He worked so hard, so continuously, that his hands became actual knobs of callouses. Never once did he falter in his unflagging zeal, his determination to learn the secret of polarization and depolarization, the control of which meant the prevention of reversions, which caused the destruction of his apparatus, and continuity of rotation in his commercial engine, with which these reversions interfered so as to stop motion for varying intervals.

After several years of experiment, he gained sufficient control over the ether to prevent these explosions that made wrecks of his machines, heretofore bursting "iron and steel pipes, twelve inches in circumference, as if they had been straws." Besides preventing explosions he also gained partial control over the direction of the etheric force generated by sympathetic negative attraction.

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