"The opinion of 10,000 men is of no value if none of them know anything about the subject." [Marcus Aurelius]

"In Science the authority embodied in the opinion of thousands is not worth a spark of reason in one man." [Galileo Galilei]

"The difference between a truth based on an opinion and on wisdom is this. Wisdom backs itself up by science; opinion gives no proof but someone's opinion. Here is the difference. Man who is under the wisdom of opinion has no idea on what his opinions are based. All controversy springs from this error." [Quimby]

"Think not more highly of thy opinion than ye ought. Neither be ye over righteous in self. For these are condemnations, and as ye condemn, so are ye condemned. Do that - and ye will find thy life opening to that of joy, harmony, beauty. For ye have much to do but of thyself alone ye can do little." [Cayce 3800-1]

"But the less one thinks of self's opinions, and the better listener one becomes, greater may be the opportunities for being of help or benefit to those about the entity." [Cayce (2612-1)]

“I take the ground that God never made a belief. A belief is of man and is intended to satisfy him instead of true wisdom. If God ever spake, he spoke the truth which liberated men and bound him with no obligations. When man speaks, he always tells a lie; that is, in explaining a phenomenon, he imposes a belief and invents opinions which blind people to truth. Science is the voice of God, opinions that of man. So when man speaks in his own knowledge, he gives an opinion; but when he tells a truth, that is of God.” [Phineas Parkhurst Quimby, Article: Elements of Progress, Aristocracy, Freedom, Conservatism & Abolitionism]

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