7B.21 - Electricity

"Electricity is the result of three differentiated sympathetic flows, brought together by combining the celestial flow with the terrestrial flow through a certain degree of "negative attractive assimilation" (syntropy). Electricity is one of Nature's efforts toward restoring "attractive differentiation" for it has the highest degree of assimilative affinity."

"All electrical action of any character is born sympathetically of the "polar harmonic current" by the "intervention" of the dominant (celestial) as all sympathetic flows are triune. They achieve association only near the "junction of terrestrial interference". The great vacuous flow between the planetary ranges holds this portion of the etheric flow free from all antagonism until the associative point is reached when instant electric evolution occurs as the dominant seeks its terrestrial negative attractive center. "This intervention" I call "atomic, intermolecular and molecular density". When the triune sympathetic stream combines with the same medium light and heat are evolved as the resultant of these "corpuscular conflictions" with the "sympathetic celestial" and "the focalized terrestrial centers" of "neutral radiation". Light is an etheric evolution propagated by "sympathetic conflict" between the "terrestrial" and "celestial" outflows - terrestrial condensation against solar tensions. True luminosity is induced in no other way. The solution of the mystery of light and heat, which are interchangeable and in a certain sense one and the same, is that the sympathetic etheric stream bombards the dense portion of the molecular in seeking the sympathetic-concordant-focalized-neutral-center of the mass, whether it be planetary or molecular. Light and heat can only be accounted for by considering Sympathetic Streams under high velocity as being interchangeable both to and from the focalized negative attractive centers."

"The triple flow, or triune structure of any sound cannot be detected by the human ear, but since this also is a sympathetic flow, and likewise governed by the triune laws of sympathetic flows, it must correspond in having a threefold structure. If the sympathetic flow in acoustic vibratory transmission were not triune, polarity could not thereby be changed and rotation caused in the magnetic needle as demonstrated in Keely's experiments.

"When a chord is transmitted through the Trexar, the molecular triple is carried along sympathetically in inducted differentiation and in turn excites high sympathy with the "polar terrestrial stream". The polar terrestrial stream is triune in character and requires a triune sympathizer, which is satisfied by the constitution of the Trexar. When this Trexar is properly sensitized by "any chord on the dominant" the sympathy inducted by molecular differentiation approaches magnetism in character, but without the presence of actual magnetism.

Magnetic Lines of Force developed from induction of current flow
Figure 7B.19 - Magnetic Lines of Force developed from induction of current flow.

A = Current carrying wire reaches out to establish concordance in B, C and D via sympathetic outreach. Which concordance creates a secondary and tertiary current flow at 90 degrees to the Outreach through these "lines of force" all via sympathetic vibration.

NOTE: These are not the "lines of force" usually thought of pertaining to magnetic fields.

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"He (Keely) constructed instruments for the purpose of determining the triune vibratory nature and laws of the "polar terrestrial stream" in its sympathetic association with the "celestial stream" - the "luminiferous track" or "compound etheric field". He thought the polar stream or "magnetic electric terrestrial envelope" with its "high vitality" to be necessary to the existence of all organisms." [Snell Manuscript]

"There are three kinds of Electricity, the harmonic and enharmonic, which, with their leader, the dominant, form the first triple. Their sympathetic associations evolve the energy of matter. The dominant is Electricity luminous, or propulsive positive. The harmonic, or the magnetic, which is the attractive, with its wonderful sympathetic outreach, is the negative current of the triune stream. The enharmonic, or right neutral, acts as the assimilative towards the reinstatement of sympathetic disturbance. In electric lighting, the velocity of the dynamos accumulates only the harmonic current - by atomic and interatomic conflict - transferring one two hundred thousandth of the light that the dominant current would give, if it were possible to construct a device whereby it could be concentrated and dispersed. But this supreme portion can never be handled by any finite mode. Each of these currents has its triple flow, representing the true lines of the sympathetic forces that are constantly assimilating with the polar terrestrial envelope. The rotation of the earth is one of the exciters that disturbs the equilibrium of these sensitive streams. The alternate light and darkness induced by this motion helps to keep up the activity of these streams, and the consequent assimilation and dissimilation. The light zone being ever followed by the dark zone, holds the sympathetic polar wave constant in its fluctuation. This fact may be looked upon as the foundation of the fable that the world rests upon a tortoise. The rotation of the earth is controlled and continued by the action of the positive and negative sympathetic celestial streams. Its pure and steady motion, so free from intermitting impulses, is governed to the most minute mathematical nicety by the mobility of the aqueous portion of its structure, i.e., its oceans and ocean's anastomosis. There is said to be a grain of truth in the wildest fable, and herein we have the elephant that the tortoise stands on. The fixed gravital centres of neutrality, the sympathetic concordants to the celestial outreach, that exist in the interatomic position, are the connective sympathetic links whereby the terrestrial is held in independent suspension. We cannot say that this corresponds to what the elephant stands upon, but we can say, "This is the power whereby the elephant is sympathetically suspended." [Keely and His Discoveries]

"As servant of Mind, electricity gives moving form to the idea by performing the work necessary to produce it." The Secret of Light by Walter Russell, page 114

Current, Power, Resistance and Work Relationships
Current, Power, Resistance and Work Relationships

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