lines of force

"Of this more will be written in its proper place; for it will be more easily understood when the cause of electricity, magnetism and gravitation has been made clear; and also when the laws of magnetic and electric lines of force, which, by their opposition, cause the appearance of that which man calls the "created physical universe of integrating and disintegrating matter," has been clearly written down. [The Universal One, Book 02 - Chapter 01 - Dynamics of Mind - Concerning Light Units of Matter]

"To exemplify our meaning let us remind you of the familiar belief that magnetism is a force, separate and apart from electricity, which has the power to pick up nails on a bar magnet and tons of iron on a giant magnet. Scientific terminology is redundant with references to such effects as magnetic lines of force, the earth's magnetic field, and electromagnetism, when every effect attributed to magnetism is solely electric. Furthermore, there is no such separate force as magnetism which performs the work of Creation. That which man thinks of as a magnetic force is spiritual Light of Mind and not a physical working force of Creation. Likewise, we hear constant references to negative electricity, negative charge, and negatively charged particles, which are as impossible in Nature as silent sound is impossible." [Atomic Suicide, page 103]

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Figure 7B.19 - Magnetic Lines of Force developed from Induction of Current Flow
Magnetic Lines of Force

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