Harmonic Thirds

Keely estimates that, after the introductory impulse is given on the harmonic thirds, molecular vibration is increased from 20,000 per second to 100,000,000. [Snell Manuscript - The Book, page 3]

"He (Keely) mentions the following frequencies, measured in sound colors: Molecular frequency inducted in Homexar by harmonic thirds, 100,000,000 that inducted by enharmonic sixths, 300,000,000, that induced by diatonic ninths, 900,000,000, that inducted by dominant etheric sixths, 8,100,000,000, that inducted by interetheric ninths, 24,300,000,000. In the trexar the "compounding of the triple-triple (chords in three octaves) will give a frequency from the ninth node that, set down, would make a "string of figures a mile long." [Snell Manuscript]

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