Longitudinal Waves in Vacuum

"One can check Whittaker's decomposition of the scalar potential into longitudinal EM wave pairs, then realize that the energetic vacuum is naught but a giant scalar potential - which can be decomposed by Whittaker's method. In short, as a scalar potential, space itself is a writhing mass of longitudinal EM waves and their highly nonlinear dynamics and interferences, or it can be modeled in that fashion. The energy continually enters 3-space from the time domain to the negative charge of every point in space considered as a point dipole, thence to the positive charge, thence back to the time domain. Notice the giant 4-space circulation involved. One also notes the polarization of the vacuum continually happening and arising spontaneously, as is well known in quantum mechanics. We also suspect that this or a similar mechanism is at the root of spontaneous broken symmetry in physics." [Bearden, (Energy from the Vacuum) page 244]

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