noun: a picture or shape used to represent something
noun: a mark, letter, number, etc. used to represent something, for example in chemistry or music
noun: someone or something that represents a particular idea or quality
noun: something visible that by association or convention represents something else that is invisible
noun: an arbitrary sign (written or printed) that has acquired a conventional significance

Charging systems are positive systems. Positive systems are male systems. Male systems are 1+2+ & 3+. Discharging systems are negative systems. Negative systems are female systems. Female systems are 1-2- & 3-. Number four is equally a charging system and a discharging system. It is a bi-sexual system. It is male-female. As the magnetic orbit of 4 is divided into two separate and opposing orbits, this maximum potential shall be doubly numbered as 4‡.
Two opposed tones = one unit.
Four units = one octave
Ten octaves = one cycle



Under the symbol of a music plant this plate gives us to realize the growth-like continuity of chords and scales. The roots of the three chords of a key are represented in F, C, and G of the key of C. The plant might be represented as a creeping stem, like the creepers of the strawberry, with its progressive roots struck into the earth; but it is better to show an upward stem with aerial roots, for such are the roots of the musical plant. The main stem of the plant has the three chords, F a C e G b D; that is, F a c, C e g, G b d, the subdominant, tonic, and dominant. The terminal chord, D f# a, is to show that the keys as well as the chords GROW out of each other. Include the side branches which terminate with the octave notes of the chords, read thus - F a c f, G e g e, G b d g, because a chord is felt to be most complete in its unity when thus shut in by the octave note of its root. This is the reason why the great three-times-three chord does not stop at D, the top of the dominant chord, but goes on to the sixth octave of the fundamental root, shutting all in by the great peacemaker, F, in order to preserve the unity of the effect which this chord of chords produces. Before D. C. Ramsay showed that the scale of Harmonics extended to six octaves, it was by teachers of the science of music only extended to four. [Scientific Basis and Build of Music, page 110]

"Every stage of development in Raja Yoga is symbolized by a geometric symbol." [H.P. Blavatsky, The Voice of the Silence]

"Geometric symbols are the keys that must be studied first on the physical plane with the eye and then transferred later up onto the high mental plane. It is only from the high mental plane that we are in a position to begin to unlock the secrets of those lives who are basically "formless" as we understand the term. "God geometrizes", but in His highest subplanes is pure and undifferentiated occult fire.

"For a symbol to have true occult power it must be constructed from several forces that when seen in their entirety become a temporary bridge in which the student uses his creative imagination to duplicate on the high mental plane. I say temporary because each creative symbol used must in time give way to higher and more spiritualized symbols. This revelation of one group of symbols that lead to another eventually culminates in the perception of pure sound or light as it emanates from the higher subplanes of each ray life.

"God geometrizes we are told, but the geometry changes depending upon our level of perception and ever moves towards greater syntheses and simplicity of sound and light. A mature symbol is like a ladder or bridge. As we unlock its secrets and ascend its heights each stage reveals a more comprehensive view of the spiritual path.

"Geometric symbols found or created on the high mental plane can be powerful agents for transition since one part of the symbol is created through the second aspect of deity, the consciousness-light aspect, and the other, the third aspect of deity which is the more geometric. This is how the second and third aspects of deity working together create the necessary bridges that lead to a progressively wider and more dynamic comprehension and eventual liberation.

"It is important for the student to understand that the seven rays or the three primary aspects of deity each contribute their unique qualities that make up one living organism. The student should not keep all these composite principles we have just outlined separated in the lower concrete mind, but try to grasp them in their intuitive wholeness." [H.P. Blavatsky, The Voice of the Silence]

R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz
THE SYMBOL in our modern languages there is no word that designates the exact meaning of Symbol, as it was conceived by the Ancients. This is why I should like to replace the word symbol with the word Medu-Neter, which conveys the "signs that bear the Neters" ("Neter" signifying the Principle or the Idea in the Platonic sense.)

For me, a plant or an animal, for example, is a symbol of a whole collection of vital elements crystallized in that plant or animal which can be what it is only through the conditions and circumstance causing its birth. Each is the manifestation of an Idea and constitutes a link in the evolution of Consciousness, from the original Verb up to the conscious return into the Cause. Each natural symbol may be considered as a word in a phrase that, in reuniting all words, alone can define that abstraction which is called God." [R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz, The Temple in Man, page 32]

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