18.17 - Mind Recordings

"Each entity makes a record upon time and space, through the very activities of that stylus, the mind." Cayce (1885-1)

"For thoughts are things; just as the Mind is as concrete as a post or tree or that which has been molded into things of any form." Cayce (1581-1)

"All matter is but electric wave pulsations of His thinking, recording the idea of His thinking in forms which appear, disappear and reappear to synchronize with the cyclic sequences of His concentrative-decentrative and reconcentrative thinking which characterize the entirety of effect in this electric universe of His creating.

"God’s eternally creating universe is the result of His eternally continuous meditation.

"You create your universe in the same manner and by the same processes and method under control of the same law. There is no other manner, nor process, nor method, nor law. Your universe of what you are is your Mind idea, your Soul’s desire manifested into the material image of your thinking. It is the result of your meditation." Walter Russell, (Home Study Course, Unit One, Lesson 2.2)

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