18.19 - Purifying Mind - Clarity

"For how does one cleanse the mind? By the pouring out, the forgetting, the laying aside of those things that easily beset and filling same with pure, fresh water that is of the eternal life, that is of the eternal goodness as may be found in Him who is the light, the way, the truth, the vine, the bread of life and the water of life. These things are those influences that purify." [Cayce (1620-1)]

The above quote of course refers to "coincident action" as mentioned by Keely: "Differentiation of mass, i.e., discordant conditions, produce negatization to coincident action." [Keely and His Discoveries] Refers to "synchronization of activity" or "synchronicity" as it is called today. The first sections of this Part 18 refers to the Whole Mind and the Differentiated Mind. The Whole Mind is "Pure" and "Clear" while the split or differentiated Mind is "murky", "unclear" or "confused". From such a mind can only come chaos, confusion, trials and troubles. The Undifferentiated Mind and Whole Mind is still, quiet, passive aware. It also reads identical to what Hubbard maintains - removing the engrams of the reactive mind that cause us no end of troubles.

"The nature of the mind is like water. If you do not disturb it it will become clear." Tibetan quote

"What we know through the senses as forms points to the existence of the mind. What we know through the intellect as thoughts points to the mind. What does the individual mind itself point to? We can find the answer by plunging deep into its core, deeper and ever deeper in the practice of contemplation until we come to its ultimate source. There, where the world vanishes and the ego is stilled, we become one with the infinite and eternal Mind behind the universe." [Brunton (25-1.34)]

Clarity is the ability to perceive cohesively and not chaotically.” Dr Dawn Stranges, FRIENDLY ADVICE FROM THE UNIVERSE

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