14.10 - Thirds as Ratios within a Whole

In the above quote we can see the description of Keely's Thirds, Sixths and Ninths as presented by Professor Brinton after his visits to Keely's Lab. We can also see these terms are not specifically musical intervals of thirds, sixths or ninths, as considered by musicians, but they are musical in terms of relativity, proportion and value. They are proportions within a whole. Flows and currents can be understood by the metaphor of a river. The river flows as a whole and has within this flow many currents. Herein the syntropic flow to a center is composed of three currents. Each current is a third (1/3) of the whole flow. These currents are expressed as ratios within a whole of 100; i.e., 33 1/3 : 100 or 66 2/3 : 100. The whole wave, regardless of polarity, is 100. Exploring the literature a bit further we find the following relationships:

"Silver represents the third, gold the sixth and platinum the ninth, in their respective relative molecular oscillating ranges. This triune condition will equate thirds in vibratory frequencies, that is, chords in intervals of thirds will set up disturbances in the Trexar and these disturbances will be equated so as to be transmitted as thirds from the positive or farthest end of the wire." [TREXAR - Snell]

33 1/3
66 2/3
33 1/3
>> Attractive Equation < <
<< Repulsive Equation >>
66 2/3
terrestrial - matter dissolving
I want to be One with Everything
I want Everything for myself
Service to Others
Service to Self
Radiating from Center
Contracting to Center
Dispersing, Dissociating
Concentrating, Associating
Life Reducing (death)
Life Enhancing
Neutral Chords
Dispersing Chords
Assimilating Chords
Table 14.02 - Neutral Thirds - Energy Radiates from Center (sixths) - Force Contracts to Center (ninths).

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