18.21 - Psychic Abilities are of the Mind

To be psychic simply means being aware beyond the usual range of the usual or ordinary physical five senses - a sixth sense of things non-observable. Seeing or knowing with the Mind as opposed to seeing with the five physical senses. Knowing without limitations or constraints of Time and Space. Psychic forces are scalar forces.

"Each one who has a soul has a psychic power -" Cayce (5392-1)

(Q) "Is there any particular psychic faculty which I should develop in this experience that would enrich my daily life?"

(A) "As has been indicated, this may be developed in the manner as has been given. It is the heritage of each soul. If ye in thine own consciousness are desirous of meeting Him, thy Maker, thy Father in the temple of thine own soul, then meditate upon Him, applying that ye know today!

"For it is in the application, not the knowledge, that the truth becomes a part of thee.

"It is not in thine body that what ye eat is thy body, but that the body - through thy digestive self - puts INTO USE IN muscle, bone, blood, tissue, - yea the very blood and the very streams through which the mentality flows! Thy BRAIN is not thy mind, it is that which is used by thy mind!

"What then IS thy mind? The gift of God, that is the companion with thy soul, that is a part of same! Then if ye would develop that by its use, by its application, it is ministering good and goodness; not for self. For that ye give away ALONE do ye possess! For he that would have life must give it. He that would know the faculties of the psychic force, or the soul, must MANIFEST same in the relationships to spiritual truths, spiritual law, spiritual application." Cayce (826-11)

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