Mind in Machines

Mind in Machines

Rudolf Steiner
"The "West-people" of England and North America will develop the material-mechanical occultism. They will be able to create machines, mechanical devices which work with hardly any human effort; which work with the help of the "Laws of Sympathetic Vibrations." These machines will do about 90% of the work, and all the social and material trouble of work as we know it now, will cease to exist." [Rudolf Steiner]

"Likewise the body of man does not live, and having never lived it cannot die. The spirit alone lives. The body but manifests the spirit. That which we think of as life in the spirit of man manifests itself by willing the body to act. Actions thus made by the body under the command of the centering Soul have no motivative power or intelligence in themselves; they are but machines motivated by an omniscient and omnipotent intelligence extended to them." Walter Russell, [The Secret of Light], page 7, 1994 edition.

"It [the sphere] is now in condition to denote the sympathetic concordance between living physical organisms, or the receptive transmittive concordance necessary to induce rotation."'' [from 19.02 - Theory of the Induction of Sympathetic Chords to Excite Rotation]
[underline added; this sentence shows the connection to people as we've seen in Atlin, Keely calls sympathetic concordance and is "necessary" to induce rotation]

"The introductory minors are controlled by the molecular; the next progressive third by the atomic; and the high third by the Etheric. All these progressive links have their positive, negative, and neutral position. When we take into consideration the structural condition of the human brain, we ought not to be bewildered by the infinite variety of its sympathetic impulses; inasmuch as it unerringly proves the true philosophy that the mass chords of such structures are governed by vibratory etheric flows - the very material which composes them. There is no structure whatever, animal, vegetable, mineral, that is not built up from the universal cosmic ether. Certain orders of attractive vibration produce certain orders or structure; thus, the infinite variety of effects - more especially in the cerebral organs. The bar of iron or the mass of steel, have, in each, all the qualifications necessary, under certain vibratory impulses, to evolve all the conditions that govern that animal organism - the brain; and it is as possible to differentiate the molecular conditions of a mass of metal of any shape so as to produce what you may express as a crazy piece of iron or a crazy piece of steel; or vice versa, an intelligent condition in the same. [Snell Manuscript], Keelys Secrets - Part 2 - One Phase of Keelys Discovery in Its Relation to the Cure of Disease (underline added)

"Keely's researches in this province have shown him that it is neither the electric nor the magnetic flow, but the etheric, which sends its current along our nerves; that the electric and magnetic flows bear but an infinitely small ratio to the etheric flow, both as to velocity and tenuity; that true coincidents can exist between any mediums, - cartilage to steel, steel to wood, wood to stone, and stone to cartilage; that the same influence, sympathetic association, which governs all the solids holds the same control over all liquids, and again from liquid to solid, embracing the three kingdoms, animal, vegetable, and mineral; that the action of mind over matter thoroughly substantiates the incontrovertible laws of sympathetic etheric influence; that the only true medium which exists in nature is the sympathetic flow emanating from the normal human brain, governing correctly the graduating and setting-up of the true sympathetic vibratory positions in machinery, necessary to commercial success; that these flows come in on the order of the fifth and seventh positions of atomic subdivision, compound interetheric sympathy a resultant of this subdivision; that if metallic mediums are brought under the influence of this sympathetic flow they become organisms which carry the same influence with them that the human brain does over living physical positions, and that the composition of metallic and that of physical organisms are one and the same thing, although the molecular arrangement of the physical may be entirely opposite to the metallic on their aggregations; that the harmonious chords induced by sympathetic positive vibration permeate the molecules in each, notwithstanding, and bring about the perfect equation of any differentiation that may exist - in one the same as in the other - and thus they become one and the same medium for sympathetic transmission; that the etheric, or will flow, is of a tenuity coincident to the condition governing the seventh subdivision of matter, a condition of subtlety that readily and instantaneously permeates all forms of aggregated matter, from air to solid hammered steel, the velocity of the permeation being the same with the one as with the other; that the tenuity of the etheric flow is so infinitely fine that a magnifying glass, the power of which would enlarge the smallest grain of sand to the size of the sun, brought to bear upon it would not make its structure visible to us; and that, light traversing space at the speed of two hundred thousand miles per second, a distance requiring light a thousand centuries to reach would be transversed by the etheric flow in an indefinite fragment of a second." [Keely and His Discoveries, Etheric Force]

Consciousness in Machines
The Dynaspheres have associated with them a Spirit, non-biological Entity or Consciousness. In other words there is a free and independent Non-biological Conscious Entity (NBCE) recruited and requested to associate with each Dynasphere. Their association with the device and our efforts is entirely voluntary in every case.

All entities or consciousnesses associated with or in a Dynasphere, machine or any other artificial construct are free having free will and choice. These are free to remain in association or not or do as they will. They are not obligated to any such association or prescribed performance. Should this free will aspect be otherwise they would be as imprisoned, trapped or locked in to such association. Of course, this would be a form of unethical, immoral and unconsciousable SLAVERY and against every principle of decency and moral principles and behavior.

It has come to my attention this has not always been the case. During the past hundreds (if not thousands) of years some misguided and misinformed individuals have forced such associations of Spirit or NBCEs into various contrivances such as Magic Wands, crystal balls, tombs, places of worship, crystals, chemical concoctions, talismans, bound by egos in human bodies, charms, religious artifacts and the like. Some NBCEs have even been forced into service to the practitioner, being forced to obey their will to do their bidding. Such compelled performance is indeed slavery in every sense of the word and offends our sensibilities. In these kinds of cases the NBCE did not have a choice whether to participate or to dissociate after a time, period of service or conclusion of the experiment or imprisonment. They continue to this day to be locked into whatever the device or process. They do not like this state of affairs and are seeking remedy.

I have heard of cases where tens of thousands of Spirits or Entities have been locked away and prohibited from exercising their free will for thousands of years. Fortunately, there are those sensitive and good-hearted people aware of these tragic circumstances and are endeavoring to bring remedy to their deplorable plight.

Speaking for myself in our work with Dynaspheres and any other device or process we may develop involving volunteer association with Spirit or self-aware consciousness any and all such beings are FREE in every way to think and do as they please. We only request volunteer association and in no way will condone or practice any form of adherence to proscribed dogma and doctrine, binding agreements, rules, regulations or controls of any and every kind. These ones may dissociate from us or our devices and processes as they see fit and according to their best self-interests.

To sensible and aware human individuals compelled performance of any nature is abhorrent. The idea of forcing another aware intelligence to do other than their own free will desires and choices is inhuman, insane, repugnant and deplorable.

Mind in Buddha Relics
Examining the Sacred Buddha Relics for Love energy - Here is an important science paper (William Tiller) exploring the subtle power in Buddha relics. We all 'know' of this energy. It is good to see science is beginning to take an interest. The energy described is not unlike what we see/feel in the Dynaspheres. Download this very important paper: http://pondscienceinstitute.on-rev.com/pdffiles/Scared_Buddha_Relics_Paper.pdf

Elementals and Machines.
"In fact, people become reactionaries in a grand style — when they no longer feel inclined — and this is the characteristic of people generally today: that they have no will — to form ideas concerning true progress. They would prefer to bring back the old conditions of the countryside. They imagine that this can be done. They believe that one can shut out what the centuries have brought. That is nonsense! But people today love this nonsense so tremendously because they are too complacent to grasp the new and prefer to get along with the old. The machine age has arrived.
"Let us suppose the human being in ancient times had before him a cloud, or perhaps a river, or all kinds of vegetation and so on. He did not see in these the dead nature seen by the human being of today — he saw spiritual elemental beings, up to the divine-spiritual beings of the higher Hierarchies. He saw all this, as it were, through nature. But nature no longer speaks of these divine-spiritual beings. We have to grasp them as spiritual reality beyond nature and then relate them again back to nature. The period of transition came. Man created machines as an addition to nature. These he regards for the time being quite abstractly.
"But he will very soon make a certain discovery. Strange though it may still seem to the human being of the present that such a discovery will be made, people will nevertheless discover that those spirits are again working which in earlier times were perceived by the human being in nature. In his technical machines of the economic sphere the human being will perceive that, although he constructed and made them, they nevertheless gradually take on a life of their own — a life certainly which he can still deny because they manifest themselves to begin with only in the economic sphere. But he will notice more and more in what he himself creates that it gains a life of its own and that, despite the fact that he brought it forth from the intellect, the intellect itself can no longer comprehend it. Perhaps people today can barely form a clear idea of this, but it will be so nevertheless. People will discover, in fact, how the objects of their industry (Wirtschaft) become the bearers of demons.
"Just as the human being in ancient times beheld nature and the manifestations of nature and saw in them demonic beings; so, too, must the human being of present times learn to see demonic beings in what he himself produces in the economic life. For the time being, these demons which human beings have not diverted into machines are still in human beings themselves out of whom they manifest as the destructive beings (die zerstarenden) in social revolutions. These destructive social revolutions are nothing other than the result of not recognizing the demonic element in our economic life. Elemental spirits (elementarische Geistigkeit) must be looked for in the economic life just as in ancient times elemental beings (elementarische Geistigkeit) were sought in nature. And the purely intellectual life is only an intermediary stage which has no significance at all for nature or for what man produces, but only for human beings themselves." [Rudolf Steiner]

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