"In General Relativity it is well-known that any change of spatial energy density is a priori a curvature of spacetime, and that an EM wave is an oscillating change of spatial energy density, hence an oscillating curvature of spacetime. So the EM wave does propagate in curved spacetime; in fact it identically is "curvature of spacetime" dynamics that is propagating." Bearden; Novel Electromagnetic Disease Induction and Its Weaponization

"...there is not time, there is no space, there is no way for us to be apart because the Mind of God is whole and within that wholeness lies the Mind of His Son and neither are separate from each other or from any infinite aspect of Itself as It is expressed." A Dialogue on Awakening, page 143.

"In the interpretation of the universe, we find that time and space are concepts of the mental mind." [Cayce, 1747-5]

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