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This psychic reading given by Edgar Cayce at his home on Arctic Crescent, Virginia Beach, Va., this 26th day of October, 1936, in accordance with request by those present.


Edgar Cayce; Gertrude Cayce, Conductor; Gladys Davis, Steno. Helen Ellington, Esther Wynne, Hannah Miller, Frances Y. Morrow, Edith & Florence Edmonds, Elizabeth Perry, Sallie Jones, Margaret Wilkins, Ruth LeNoir, Myrtle Demaio & Hugh Lynn Cayce.


Time of Reading 3:40 to 4:15 P. M.

1. GC: You will have before you the Glad Helpers, members of which are present here. You will continue with answering questions which will be presented on Revelation.

2. EC: Yes, we have the Glad Helpers Group, as a group, as individuals; and the study that has been made by same on Revelation. In adding to SOME of those things as have been applied, let each consider how and why that such application would be made by the beloved in a message of the nature and character. First, the body of the Christ represented to the world a channel, a door, a mediation to the Father. Hence this then may become as the study of self in its relationship to the material world, the mental world, the spiritual world. And this is the manner that has been presented as the way through which each individual would make application of same, of the life of the Christ in his or her own experience.

3. (Q) Are we correct in interpreting the 7 churches as symbols of 7 spiritual centers in the physical body? (A) Correct.

4. (Q) Do we have these correctly placed? As each is called, comment on each in relation to an individual's development and experiences in connection with these centers. Gonads - Ephesus; Lyden - Smyrna; Solar Plexus - Pergamos; Thymus - Thyatira; Thyroid - Sardis; Pineal - Philadelphia; Pituitary - Laodicea. (A) Rather than the commenting, it is well that these are correctly placed, but each individual's EXPERIENCE in the application of that gained by each in his or her experience will be different. To give an interpretation that the opening or activity through a certain center raises or means or applies this or that, then would become rote. But know the way, then each may apply same as his or her environment, ability, experience, gives the opportunity. For know, in all and through all, the activity of self is only as a channel -

and God giveth the understanding, the increase, to such; and in the manner as is best fitted for the individual. It is not then as a formula, that there are to be certain activities and certain results. These are true in the sense that they each represent or present the opportunity for the opening to the understanding of the individual. For, as has been given, man is free-willed. And only when this is entirely given, and actively given to the will of the Father may it be even as the life of the Christ.

5. (Q) Which is the highest gland in the body - the pineal or the pituitary?
(A) The pituitary!

6. (Q) Are we correct in interpreting the 24 elders as the 24 cranial nerves of the head especially related to the 5 senses?
(A) Correct.

7. (Q) Is the frequent reference to the throne indicating the head in which are found the higher gland centers?
(A) Correct.

8. (Q) Are we correct in interpreting the 4 beasts as the 4 fundamental physical natures (desires) of man which must be overcome? Give us more light on each of these.
(A) Correct.

In all of these, let this be understood: These are symbolized; they are as in these representing the elemental forces - as the body is of the earth, is of the elements. For as has so oft been given, and as may be found in man, every element or every influence that is outside of man is found in the LIVING man - not a dead one but a LIVING man! For the LIVING force is that OF which all that is WAS brought into being. Hence all the influences, all the forces, all the activities are in that. And in man, man's experience, there never has been, never will be found in material activity an instrument, an action, that is not shown as a replica or expression or manifestation of that in a living man; whether it be in this, that or the other of the forces of nature, of activity. For when such is active, unless found in man - or an answer to some thing within, it would not be cognizable by man.

9. (Q) Do we have these 4 beasts placed correctly in relation to the centers in the body and the ancient elementals? Air - Eagle - Thymus?
(A) These are RELATIVELY, yes. Relatively correct.

10. (Q) Fire - Lion - Solar Plexus?
(A) Correct.

11. (Q) Water - Man - Lyden?
(A) Yes.

12. (Q) Earth - Calf - Gonads?
(A) Yes.

13. (Q) Is the book with the 7 seals the human body with the 7 spiritual centers?
(A) This is correct.

14. (Q) Do we have the opening of the seals correctly placed in our chart? As each is called, give advice that will help us in properly opening these centers.
(A) (Interrupting) First, let's give as this: Do not attempt to open any of the centers of the book until self has been tried in the balance of self's own conscious relationship to the Creative Forces and not found wanting by the spiritual answer in self to that rather as is seen in the manner in which the book itself becomes as that in the whole body which may be assimilated by the body, when taken properly. In these then there has been set as ye have in thine outline. These are well. DO NOT misuse them!

15. (Q) Gonads - White Horse?
(A) Yes.

16. (Q) Lyden - Black Horse?
(A) Yes.

17. (Q) Solar Plexus - Red Horse?
(A) Yes.

18. (Q) Thymus - Pale Horse?
(A) Yes.

For a reference to these, let each in your study of these, as in relation to the centers themselves, consider the effect of the color itself upon thine own body as ye attempt to apply same by either concentration, dedication or meditating upon these. For as has been given, color is but vibration. Vibration is movement. Movement is activity of a positive and negative force. Is the activity of self as in relationship to these then positive? Proceed.

19. (Q) Thyroid - Souls slain for Word of God?
(A) Correct.

20. (Q) What color here?
(A) Gray.

21. (Q) Pineal - Upheavals?
(A) Correct, but this would have to be RELATIVELY so. For these are at those periods when, in the colors that these

arise to - which are of the purple, they become rather such that there MUST be the DISSEMINATING or the giving away of the egotism of self. Consider as an example in thy study of same, the servant Moses. For these become as may be found even for and from that record as ye have, the stumblingblock at Meribah.

22. (Q) Pituitary - Silence? (
A) Silence, golden; the forces upon which the greater expression has been set of all the influences of might and power as may be seen in man's experience - SILENCE if ye would hear the Voice of thy Maker!

23. (Q) Do the planets as placed in our chart See Source File Key #281 for chart re 281-48 have proper relation and significance? Pituitary - Jupiter; Pineal - Mercury; Thyroid - Uranus; Thymus - Venus; Solar Plexus - Mars; Lyden - Neptune; Gonads - Saturn?
(A) These are very well done. These vary, to be sure, according to the variation of an EXPERIENCE. For these are the variable forces in the very nature of man himself, for he partakes of all and from all the influences and forces. For remember as has been given, it is not that the planets rule the man; rather has man, as man of God, ruled the planets! For he's a portion of same.

Then these are as we have given; only relative. Relatively, these are correct. At times these are represented by others. It is here the application of these influences in the experience of the individual rather than there being set, as it were, a blanket to cover each and every individual.

24. (Q) Does the outline of the Lord's Prayer as placed on our chart have any bearing on the opening of the centers?
(A) Here is indicated the manner in which it was given as to the purpose for which it was given; not as an ONLY way but as a way that would answer for those that sought to be - as others - seekers for A way, AN understanding, to the relationships to the Creative Forces. It bears in relationships to this, then, the proper place.

25. (Q) Pituitary - Heaven?
(A) Correct. In all of its activities these open, for the upward lift of the thoughts of man as in relationships to that which becomes - how has it been given? - "He is alpha, omega, the beginning and the end." Hence as we find in its relationships to man, it becomes then the beginnings, the endings, of all things.

26. (Q) Pineal - Name? (
A) Relatively, yes.

27. (Q) Thyroid - Will?
(A) Correct.

28. (Q) Thymus - Evil?
(A) Correct.

29. (Q) Solar Plexus - Debts?
(A) Yes.

30. (Q) Lyden - Temptation?
(A) Correct.

31. (Q) Gonads - Bread? (
A) Right.

32. (Q) How should the Lord's Prayer be used in this connection?
(A) As in feeling, as it were, the flow of the meanings of each portion of same throughout the body-physical. For as there is the response to the mental representations of all of these in the MENTAL body, it may build into the physical body in the manner as He, thy Lord, thy Brother, so well expressed in, "I have bread ye know not of."

33. (Q) What is meant by the 7 lamps of fire burning before the throne, described as the 7 spirits of God - Ch. 4:5?
(A) Those influences or forces which in their activity in the natures of man are without, that stand ever before the throne of grace - or God, to become the messengers, the aiders, the destructions of hindrances; as the ways of dividing man's knowledge of or between - good and evil. Hence they work ever as those influences that stand between, as it were; being the helpful influences that become as the powers of activity in the very nature or force of man.

34. (Q) What is meant by the angels at the 4 corners of the earth as given in Ch. 7? See Source File Key #281 for all current reports, supplements and professional commentaries re 281-63.
(A) These are only as from the body-forces ever. There are those four influences or forces in the natures of man from his source; as in environment, heredity as of the earth and as of the mental and spiritual. These are as the four corners that become represented here as the very natures or forces to which all approaches to all these influences are made in the very nature of man.

35. (Q) Are we correct in interpreting the 144,000 who were sealed as being spiritualized cellular structure of the 12 major divisions of the body?
(A) Correct. And this is as of a man, and the name of same.

36. (Q) Are the zodiacal divisions of the body proper and do they have any relation to this?
(A) Only relatively. For this is as we have given again and again in reference to same; for as they have been set as the

zodiacal signs, correct. As they have moved in their orb or their sphere about the earth, these have just recently passed and have become - as has been indicated - a very different nature to them.

37. (Q) Is the multitude before the throne as described in Ch. 7 the rest of the cellular structure in process of spiritualization?
(A) This is correct.

38. (Q) Are we correct in interpreting the sounding of the 7 angels as the experience during physical purification?
(A) Correct.

39. We are through for the present.

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