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The mental-physical anatomy of Man as outlined here by John seems to show much the same understanding of the functions of the body-mind relationships as modern science has found. However, where modern science has only begun to develop an understanding of the effects of mental attitudes upon the body through the study of psychosomatics and its therapy. John's record declares that the state of the mind, its thoughts, its desires and its conflicts, etc., are reflected at all times in the state of the body. And, of course, the state of the body has its effect on the mental outlook. The way, then, to change and heal the body is to change the mind and its attitudes. The first bodily organs to feel and respond to this, John says, will be the endocrine system, keys to all bodily changes.
If we can accept this, then Man is responsible not only for how he thinks and feels on the conscious level but also what happens to him as a result of what his unconscious attitudes attract. However, the greater part of his mind lies beyond his reach, so to speak. This would seem a complete and final obstacle to any aspirations he might have towards establishing total self control. Or so it seems.
John suggests that the key to this dilemma lies in the superconscious mind. By putting the forces of the body-mind back in order, this level of consciousness is released into action, first as a guide and instructor during the processes of cleansing and purification and finally merging with the personality and operating on the conscious level. Any man acting in complete superconsciousness, the implication is, would be as a god. This has been the goal of all mystics through the ages and the story of their seeking. This is the explanation of the state of Christhood, the archetype of the evolved man.
To the psychologist who has spent long years in the study of the human mind in action, it becomes increasingly clear that present day knowledge is inadequate for dealing with the problems of people who have become victims of their own tensions and conflicts. Most exploration, so far, seems to have been in the area of the subconscious, the repository of all patterns of repeat actions, of a mechanistic nature. By bringing to the surface something of the residue of this area, it is hoped that the individual will recognize the cause of his problems and be automatically released from his tensions.
In many cases this appears to work very well indeed. In an equal number of cases, however, the results are completely unpredictable.
If John's information is worth study by the scientific men, as the readings suggest, it may be found that the present assumption that an individual's mentality on the conscious level as the only yardstick to be considered in treatment may have to be abandoned. This may prove not to be in accord with the true situaiton at all! What if, over the conscious thinking mind of the individual sits a greater mind in judgment, a mind possessing universal scope, which is observing all that is happening and perhaps bringing about its own conflicts as its own yardstick for the well-being of the individual is violated?

The Book of Revelation implies a course of action. To read it, if only in its interpretation as given here, means nothing. The real "Book" of Revelation is the body-mind of Man and his true nature is studied and absorbed only by putting the suggested course of action into practice - in every day living. In the ensuing experience alone, in the overcoming of everyday problems in self can Man be freed to know himself and in knowing himself to become what he truly is and to fulfill his vast breathtaking destiny as outlined by John.

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