Pineal Gland
Pineal Gland
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The pineal exerts control over light reaction, of pigment, brain growth and sex ripening. [Kapp, Glands Our Invisible Guardians]

"Keep the pineal gland operating and you won't grow old." Cayce (294-141)

"The pineal has been and is the extenuation of the first cause." Cayce (281-47)

"There are centers, areas, conditions in which there evidently must be that contact between the physical, the mental and the spiritual.

"The spiritual contact is through the glandular forces of Creative Energies, not encased only within the lyden gland of reproduction, for this is ever - so long as life exists - in contact with the brain cells through which there is the constant reaction through the pineal." Cayce (263-13)

"Ye have gained that the first movement of same physically reaches out and becomes the brain, through which the pineal in its activity brings its physical development; and that it is related to the mind of the body and the environs of the body supplying physical activities to that developing physical entity. Ye know that it reverts then to the brain of the nervous system, to the solar plexus center, and then reflexes through its own MENTAL activity to the physical forces of the still developing body. Ye know that when such a body has developed, when gestation has been completed and it becomes an entity in itself, - because of its center through which all physical and mental impulse has passed, - it is then cut asunder - and yet functions on. Why? How?" [Cayce, 281-57]

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