To be Christian is to be like Christ. So what is Christ and how does one become like Christ? See Jesus

The Awakening process has been explored since before early Egyptian days. Throughout the intervening centuries this "Work" of elevating the human consciousness was explored and pursued by the great philosophers of all societies and especially by the Alchemists and the so-called secret societies deemed legitimate. Indeed the awakening process was held as ancient Egypt's most secret and sacred science. Awakening to Cosmic Consciousness is at the core of every religion especially the Christian religion wherein Jesus the man attained Christ Consciousness when he awoke to his oneness with the Mind of God as the Christ thus showing us the Way to do that. In today's world there are countless individuals and organizations endeavoring to awaken or providing various methods exploring and developing a Greater Consciousness. These people and their organizations offer a multitude of books, CDs, DVDs and web sites devoted to this most noble of human pursuits. Awakening is Divine wisdom or science according to Quimby which he also calls Christ, God and Love. Being Awake allows us to turn the substance of Mind into Matter as Sai Baba does and put it into motion as Daniel Pomerleau has demonstrated. The Atlin Project contained elements both processes which we have yet to fully master.

Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth
"I, the CHRIST, have spoken - WE - the BROTHERHOOD of MASTERS - speak to Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Jews, Hindus, Sufis, and to every religious persuasion of the world. You are all encompassed in our love. Believe this - for this is true." [Christ Returns - Speaks His Truth, Letter 4, page 22]

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