Mind Universe

"Gravity shafts, and centers of gravity are the omnipotent zero of the Mind Universe." [Atomic Suicide, page 176]

"The projected image of a baby begins by the unfolding of the eternal record of itself, which eternally exists in God's Mind-universe." [Atomic Suicide, page 176]

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Figure 1.0 - The Brain is Molecular - its Permeating Mind is Interetheric
Figure 1.4 - Dynamical Full Gamut of Mind and Matter
Figure 1.5 - Expanded Gamut of Mind and Matter Chart
Figure 1.5 - Expanded Gamut of Mind and Matter Chart - See Also
Figure 1.5 - Full Dynamical Gamut of Mind and Matter
Figure 1.6 - From One Mind comes all. All goes back to One Mind
Figure 10.04 - Polar Mind of Man Connecting to Depolar Mind of Deity
Figure 11.02 - Infinite Neutral Mind Centers and Controls All Motion
Figure 12.06 - Mind Centers and Controls Motion
Figure 13.07 - Mind Matter and Energy Chart
Figure 13.07.01 - Mind Matter and Energy Chart
Figure 14.05 - The Dominant is the Light of the Mind of Diety
Figure 14.06 - Mind and Electric Thought Rings of Motion are Closely Connected
Figure 16.01 - Electricity Develops Mind and Matter
Figure 18.00 - Leadbeater Chart of Mind and Matter
Figure 18.04 - Two Minds - Split and Whole
Figure 18.05 - Two Power States of Mind Force
Figure 18.08 - One Still Mind of Cause before Differentiation
Figure 18.10 - Currents of Mind Force
Figure 18.13 - Scalar or Undifferentiated Mind Force
Figure 18.15 - From One Still Mind comes all Force and Motion by Differentiation
Figure 18.16 - Mind States when Demanding and Receiving Higher Knowledge
Figure 2.1 - Mind condenses into matter via Tonal Rings between Planes
Figure 2.4.1 - Keely Harnessed Mind Force in his Machines
Figure 3.2 - Thinking Mind Creates a Universe of Motion
Figure 7B.11 - Full Gamut of Mind to Matter and back to Mind
Gravity is a shaft of Mind-controlling stillness
Holographic Universe
How your Mind creates your experiences
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Mind of the Christ
Mind Over Matter
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Mind Power - Bibliography
Mind Power Introduction
Mind The One Universal Substance
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Mind to Mind
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Mind-thinking universe
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Newton of the Mind
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Vibratory Physics - The Connecting Link between Mind and Matter
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1.1 - Mind is deemed a force
1.16 - Vibratory Universe
1.19 - Matter Evolves from Mind
1.2 - Molecular Brain Permeated by Interetheric Mind
1.21 - It Really Is a Musical Universe
1.4 - Etheric Mind Force in Healing
10.04 - The Aetheric state of Being and Mind
10.05 - The Neutral Zone or Undifferentiated Mind
13.05 - Seven Levels Subdivisions Planes or Realms of Mind Matter and Energy
14.14 - Etheric and Interetheric is Mind
14.20 - Dominant is Light of Mind or Thought or Idea
14.23 - Harmony Rules the Universe
14.26 - Dominant is Light of Mind
14.27 - Mind being Dominant is Creative
14.33 - Mind Force - Light - Etheric Subdivision
15.19 - All forces in nature are mind forces
18.00 - Mind as Cause
18.04 - Mind Defined - Cayce
18.05 - Mind is the Builder - Cayce
18.08 - Ideals Guide Mind - Cayce
18.09 - Mind in and Shaping Matter
18.10 - Body Motivated by Mind Force
18.11 - Mind and Energy - Fleming
18.13 - Mind is the Active Force
18.14 - Mind is the Ultimate Scalar Quantity
18.15 - Body Mind and Spirit Relations - Cayce
18.16 - Mind as Healer - Cayce
18.17 - Mind Recordings
18.19 - Purifying Mind - Clarity
18.20 - Mind - the focus of Christianity
18.21 - Psychic Abilities are of the Mind
19.05.01 - From The Dynamic Theory of Life and Mind - Radiometer Motion
3.02 - The Dispersion Mind Field
6.15 - A Clockwork Universe
7B.12 - Mind Force
7B.13 - Mind Force in Machinery

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