Chapter 7 - Our Eternal Universe - III, page 158



The time has come when we must now learn that we live in a Cosmic Electronic Vacuum Tube of invisibility, as Mental Beings who project actions from that vacuum condition to manifest our creative desires.

Look within a television vacuum tube for a moment. All you can see there are flashes of electric light which come and go. They come only because of a Mind-desire to manifest invisible IDEA into visible form. They go when the invisible IDEA has been expressed and the desire for further expression ceases for awhile. Ask yourself this question: Will those light flashes remain in that tube unless forced to remain there by a power outside of themselves? You have but one answer. Those light flashes have been created to manifest Mind-Idea in action. They have no energy of their own. They will cease when Mind ceases to desire manifestation by action. What has happened within that vacuum? Mind-thinking has been electrically recorded. That is all that has happened. That is all that Creation is. That is all that electricity is, and that is all it does.

We will carry the example of the electric tube still further. Consider that tube as a miniature replica of the COSMIC VACUUM ZERO of the Creator's Mind. Now consider it as YOUR Mind. Now follow that up by realizing that there is no light in the tube, because you are not recording your thought-images in them. That is the only reason. The moment you connect the electric pulsations of your divided thinking into that vacuum it immediately begins to record your thoughts in light flashes which come and go as the light flashes of suns and stars of the Cosmic vacuum come and go like flashes of fireflies in the meadow. If you will but think this through in your quiet hours of inner sensory perception you will then fully comprehend that the light of motion, which matter is, has but one desire - to escape from the bondage of compression which keeps it forever moving to record Idea instead of resting within Idea.

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Every particle of matter in the universe, from microscopic particle to giant sun, desires to explode. The only way it can explode is to generate enough heat within it to explode instantly, or to decay slowly. The slow process of decay merely means that the whole mass cannot generate enough heat to explode the whole mass, but each particle can generate enough heat - according to the melting points of each - to explode it all part by part, over a period of time. The only way that matter can generate enough heat to die slowly, or quickly, is through the speed of compression. If you drive an airplane at 200 miles per hour it will not generate enough heat to die quickly, but if you could drive it at 4,500 miles per hour it would disappear in white hot flame in seven seconds. This fact was recently demonstrated in a wind tunnel experiment at Langley Field, Virginia. This effect and an electrical short circuit are identical except for the seven seconds time element.

The only thing which prevents the continual multiplication of heat is the uncreated eternal cold of the omnipresent vacuum which not only surrounds it, but interpenetrates its every part. Cold freezes matter in space to keep it from exploding, just as cold freezes matter in your deep freeze. Cold even freezes the flame particles of suns to imprison them within themselves. Every particle of matter in the universe retains its appearance as a gas, liquid or solid only because it is frozen into the ice of itself. A vast mass of the vacuum cold freezes our sun into its density and keeps it from exploding. Some suns generate heat beyond their melting points and explode as novas, but some of them are conquered by cold before they expand beyond the limits of their exhaustion. They are then subdued for awhile, until they generate enough heat to try it again. This happens many times to many stars before they become permanently subdued. Many, however, explode and disappear.

Compression alone creates density, but compression also creates the heat of resistance to tensions. Vacuous cold takes that heat away, however, and leaves only the ice of that heat to simulate substance. Iron, for example, is so closely compressed that it can generate 1,500 degrees of heat resistance to that compression, be-

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fore the eternal cold subdues it. It desires to explode, however, and will do so if you help it by supplying 1,800 degrees from an acetylene torch. Everything on this planet will explode if it can generate enough heat to do so. It has always been trying to do this through the internal fires of compressive resistance, which sometimes reach the surface of the earth through volcanoes.

The earth has reached so far away into cold space from its sun that cold has quite completely conquered it, but man is now attempting to create conditions which might make it possible to explode. A full realization of the fact that matter is not held together by nucleal attractive action from within, and the knowledge that our earth is held together only by freeing a crust of stone around its internal heat, should deter humans from helping the earth to explode as a whole, as it is continually exploding in every little part of it, which we call growth. We mean by that, that when a small particle generates enough heat from the sun's rays to explode, the cold of its environment freezes it and causes it to refold into a cell of polarized matter. Gradually those cells take on patterns. Tens of thousands of forms of animal and vegetable life then appear. That is the way things grow, and the only way they die is that they are enabled to generate more heat than their normal needs. Living bodies were produced by compression. Dying bodies are liberated by expansion.

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