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Atomic Suicide Fig. 17a

(courtesy University of Science and Philosophy) (click to enlarge)

This drawing shows the method and process of interchange between the zero universe of Mind and the multiple universe of motion. Study all other drawings and relate them to these two. The more you comprehend them the more you will also comprehend that life is but fast motion and that death is a cessation of motion.

The division of sexless Oneness into pairs could not be a part of Nature's process without also dividing the Oneness of Light. God's Magnetic Light is white because it is still. It has no tensions or strains in it, for it is not divided. It is invisible to the senses because it has no motion in it. The moment motion begins the Light of the Creator's energy is divided into pairs which multiply their red and blue intensities in the ratio of their extension from their cathode beginnings, just as electric potential multiplies its intensity for the same reason. If, there-

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Atomic Suicide Fig. 17a

(courtesy University of Science and Philosophy) (click to enlarge)

This shows how the heartbeat piston operates between the vacuity of the Creator's Magnetic Light universe of Mind-energy and the potential of the electrically pressured universe to create cycles of two-way motion. The more you can comprehend the secret of God's Mind-control over His Creation, which is His universal body, the more you will be able to control your body, for you will then know that God's Mind and yours are ONE.

fore, the Creator electrically divides His One pressureless, motionless Light into two oppositely pressured lights of motion, is it not imperative that we associate these two similar effects which rise from the same cause, and judge them as ONE. Should we not recognize the fact that these two colliding light pressures wind up together, as a bolt threads into a nut, or more properly as one spiral spring intertwines into another? Is it not logical, therefore, to realize that the interpenetrating half of the spectrum is red, and the outer half is blue? That is the way we

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Atomic Suicide Fig. 17a

(courtesy University of Science and Philosophy) (click to enlarge)

A study of Fig. 18 together with the bar magnet diagrams and other polarity diagrams in Figs. 11 to 16 will prepare you for a better understanding of the nature of electricity and the electric current.

find it in Nature. The inner core is the red of its heat and the outer layers are the blue of space into which the red core projects its heat to expand it. The outer layers then cool it and thus create imprisoned bodies whose sole desire is to escape imprisonment. Beyond carbon the inner core reverses to blue.

That is the way it is all through Nature. Compressed motion heats bodies which endeavor to escape. Expanded cold freezes bodies to keep them from escaping. That is the principle of body-forming. That is the principle of growth from a seed to a tree. The seed generates heat from the moisture of the sun-warmed ground. The seed explodes in its endeavor to escape from its compression prison. The explosion creates heat which is cooled and that which unfolds is refolded. Cell by cell is thus added by the interchange of motion between red light and blue, and between heat and cold as the father interpenetrates the mother womb of Nature to generate bodies, and the bodies escape from their wombs to return to their source.

As we thus unfold Nature's processes and her way of working you will gradually comprehend that there is no place in God's Cosmogony for such a concept as negative electricity, or negatively "charged" bodies.

We live in a universe in which all creating, charging, polarizing, compressing and heating bodies manifest LIFE, and all discharging, depolarizing, expanding and cooling bodies manifest


DEATH. One cannot say that a dying body is negatively charged, for a charging body is positive. It is living. Your car battery can be charging from its generator, and simultaneously discharging, from its use, but if you had no generator in your car the battery would discharge its charge until electricity ceased in it. While it is dying you would not even then say that it is negatively charged, for it would still be positively charged until it could no longer move. We do not say "negative sound" or "silent sound" when it is ceasing, or has ceased. Nor do we say "negative warmth," or "cold warmth," when a hot iron is cooling, or has cooled. Nor do we say "negative life," when a man is dying, or is dead.

Electricity compresses and ceases to compress, but we do not then say that it is "negatively compressed." It is for that reason we put a positive sign wherever an electric condition is existent, but there is no need for any sign unless there could be two which indicate sex, and two which indicate charge and discharge. When motion ceases electricity ceases. It is not then negative electricity - as death is not negative life. In all of these charging and discharging effects the tensions of the color spectrum parallel the tensions of electric potential. That is why they should be considered together.

If this change in our thinking is true to Nature, there can be only one kind of electricity - positive electricity, meaning the

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the power to charge or compress. It necessarily and logically follows that a negative electricity would be impossible in an electrically polarized universe in which both divided mates are equal. It also would be unnecessary if the other end of the compression pump, which this universe is, is the universal vacuum. Shall we call this new thinking, or is it but changed thinking? Shall we concede that early observers who arrived at such conclusions in the infancy of scientific research, were right, without the possibility of being mistaken? Or can we not consider them as torch bearers, rather than anchors?

It is in this sense that we present quite a different picture of the universe than the old one, which early observers sincerely and conscientiously gave to us as the best they knew in those early days. We cannot present the new concept of the Nature of the universe in the terminology which sprang from old concepts, however, so we beg of our readers that you realize the necessity of so doing is not critical of past contributions to world progress, but are only adding to it by changing old concepts to fit new illumining, which time and research have made possible. We feel that this explanation is necessary because some of these new changes of concept are so radically different from traditional training and thinking.

We repeat, however, that the main purpose of this book is to give this new knowledge in the interest of world-survival only at this time, and is not given as a text book of new scientific thinking for educational purposes. That will come later, and in other ways, such as we are gradually giving to our students. For this reason these writings are brief, but brief as they are, they will throw more light upon the new age of transmutation, which would surely follow a change from the old concepts of matter and motion to the new concepts briefly outlined herein. Transmutation needs but the comprehension of a few men of vision, men whose minds are not fixedly closed to make it a reality.

Transmutation is the simplest of all the principles of Nature - ten thousand times more simple than what is now being dangerously, and expensively done. The first step toward it is to

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discover that matter and motion is tonal - and thoroughly controllable. The elements are not substances. They are but states of motion, which can be controlled by knowledge and electric power. The present concept, which makes it necessary to knock out an electron from one element to transmute it to another, is contrary to Nature's working. No one would think of trying to knock out one part of a sound to make it into another sound, or to take an arm from a man to transmute him into a horse. That is what science is trying to do, however, by knocking an electron from mercury to produce gold. There are no electrons in the elements to knock out, in any case, as we shall see.

Nature's patterns, species and sexes can be modified but they are the same in kind. Transmutation means modification through knowledge of how to control that modification, which is as simple as the retuning of a harp string by increasing its vibration frequencies. Nature divides, multiplies and combines by the use of electricity. Man has all the electric power he needs at his command. Every state of motion, and any combination of those states, can be made use of by man if he but knows how Nature does it. Every element can be retuned or divided into pairs, and the pairs retuned. Every combination, such as the atmosphere, can be divided and its pairs used separately or recombined as one wishes. Hydrogen, oxygen or nitrogen, in combination, can be taken apart with ease and used separately, or recombined, or modified at will. Likewise, salt water can very simply be taken apart and recombined minus its salt, at will.

When Nature divides she always creates male and female mate-pairs. She then multiplies those mate-pairs separately, or in union. She multiplies sodium into potassium, then into calcium. She multiplies fluorine into chlorine, then into bromine and again into iodine. Man could do this same thing with any tonal element and even split them into semitones. Man could also divide such elements as carbon and produce, from carbon alone, five pairs of rustless, stainless metals of high melting points, high malleability and conductivity. The elements are but the alphabet of man to write what he chooses with its letters. They are but the tonal notes upon the nine octave keyboard of the

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Cosmic instrument with which he has but begun to compose the symphonies of his desiring and his imagining.

Nature can create cyclones if it becomes conditioned for cyclones, but man can control those conditions and divide them at his will. Likewise, man can create rains wherever he wishes and in any amounts. The world's vast deserts can be forested with date palms and carpeted with a verdure which would end dust storms forever, and add materially to the world food supply. To enable man to do this he needs only the knowledge of space-geometry, mathematics, the wave of gravity control, and the nature of electric current.

The great power to transmute through Mind-control by Mind-knowing, is man's when he finally knows CAUSE instead of being limited to the effects of cause. When that day comes man will no longer need to use the limited supply of the earth's fossil fuels, nor need he labor to procure them. The age of transmutation can be but one year away if man chooses to open his mind to new concepts, or, otherwise, it may be three thousand years away. CAUSE can never be known by the study of its EFFECT in motion. Cause is in knowing Mind, not in sensed-body. Cause lies within the invisible universe which does not respond to the senses, and not in the senses which can but sense motion and can never know.

The senses forever look out through the convexity or concavity of pressure lenses and mirrors of a curved universe of two-way motion. Distorted images and an upside-down universe is recorded upon the senses. The inner vision is not electric. It is Magnetic. The cube mirrors of space are of zero curvature and do not distort. The Mind-conception transcends the sense-objective, and is not deceived by illusion, for Mind is the creator of illusion. Mind knows and projects its Light. Senses can but reflect. They cannot know.

And so it is that man peers into microscopes, and telescopes. He builds great laboratories for research into effects of things which move. He gathers much information about their movements and develops great skills in controlling the movements of moving things. He then reasons and assembles, but reasoning

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is not knowing - and assembling is not creating. But what does man KNOW? Informing the senses of effects of motion does not awaken knowledge in Mind. On the contrary all effects of motion are optical illusions, which deceive the senses and cause men to form conclusions which are not true to Nature.

It is now time that man must realize that the key to Nature's secrets can never be found in the visible universe. It can only be found in the invisible universe which creates and controls the visible. "But we cannot know the invisible universe because we cannot see it," man says. As the spiritual nature of man unfolds he becomes aware of the fact that he can see one half of the universe and never know it, and the other half he can know but cannot see.

We believe, also, that man can never find true happiness until he has finally solved the full meaning of what life and death really are, instead of the dread meaning which he has given to a belief in death, which has no validity, whatsoever, in Nature. For these reasons we shall briefly define God as we have pictured His Omnipresence and purpose in Lesson Number 13 of our "SCIENCE OF MAN HOME STUDY COURSE." This basic foundation of Creation will aid in comprehending the true nature of electricity and gravitation.

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