Chapter 4 - The True Nature of This Mind and Motion Universe - part II, page 80

[p. 80]


As a prelude to this very brief outline of the principles upon which our universe is founded we will reduce that entire principle to one sentence, from which we will not depart during this entire narrative. We will but expand this one basic principle by describing its processes. Herein follows that one sentence:

The Father-Mother of Creation divides His sexless unity into sex-divided pairs of father and mother bodies, for the purpose of uniting them to create other pairs of father and mother bodies in eternal sequence, forever.

This is the whole simple plan of Creation. We will now begin to unfold the seeming complexities of its really very simple processes which so mightily deceive our senses. If our comprehension is strong enough we will be able to continually see a simple thread, which is repeated over and over in every effect of motion throughout all Nature, and throughout every event and experience of life. We will endeavor to enable you to see that simple continuing thread by repeating it many times in many ways.

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