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noun: the process of thinking about something or looking at something for a long time.
noun: a long and thoughtful observation.
noun: a calm lengthy intent consideration.

"What we know through the senses as forms points to the existence of the mind. What we know through the intellect as thoughts points to the mind. What does the individual mind itself point to? We can find the answer by plunging deep into its core, deeper and ever deeper in the practice of contemplation until we come to its ultimate source. There, where the world vanishes and the ego is stilled, we become one with the infinite and eternal Mind behind the universe." [Brunton (25-1.34), 18.19 - Purifying Mind - Clarity]

"For establishing oneself in the contemplation of the omnipresent Lord, there are no limitations of time and place. There is nothing like a holy place or auspicious time for this. Wherever the mind revels in the contemplation of the Divine, that is the holy place. Whenever it does so, that is the auspicious moment." [Sai Baba, Spiritual Advise from Sai Baba]

"To shut off all thoughts and things, even all sense of a separate personal existence, and rest in contemplation of the One Infinite Life-Power out of which he has emerged, is the goal and end of the third stage." [Brunton (4-1.214), Meditation]

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