light wave

"In this Universe, the octaves of the elements of matter "Grow" from seed, just as all things grow from seed. Elements are not fixed created things. They are pressure conditions of light waves. The inert gases are the cosmic seeds of matter in this Universe. They surround the zero from which motion springs and to which it returns. They are the seeds of the octaves of matter, and each octave has a different seed just as different trees has different seeds. The inert gases are the recorders in cosmic seed of this creating universe of infinite continuity." [Russell]

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Figure 12.03 - Scale Showing Relations of Light Color and Tones
Figure 12.10 - Russells Locked Potential Wave
Figure 12.12 - Russells Multiple Octave Waves as Fibonacci Spirals
Figure 12.12 - Russells Multiple Octave Waves as Fibonacci Spirals - See Also
Figure 13.13 - Gravity Syntropic and Radiative Entropic Waves
Figure 13.13 - Gravity Syntropic and Radiative Entropic Waves - See Also
Figure 14.04 - The Alchemical Light
Figure 14.05 - The Dominant is the Light of the Mind of Diety
Figure 14.07 - Love Principle: Two sympathetic waves expanding from two points have one coincident centering locus
Figure 14.11 - Keelys Chart showing nested levels of aggregated light we call matter
Figure 17.02 - Gravity divides multiplies and balances Light and Sound
Figure 2.19 - Matter formed from Dark and Light
Figure 2.4 - Undivided Light divides into all that is
Figure 3.21 - Vortex or Gyroscopic Motions as Conflicts or Antagonisms between Light and Dark
Figure 3.22 - Vortex or Gyroscopic Motions as Conflicts or Antagonisms between Light and Dark Zones
Figure 3.23 - Vortex or Gyroscopic Motions as Conflicts or Antagonisms between Light and Dark Zones
Figure 6.10 - Wave Dynamics between Cube Corners
Figure 6.9 - Russell depicts his waves in two ways
Figure 7.1 - Step 1 - Wave Vortex Crests at Maximum Polarization
Figure 7.9 - Gravity aggregates Light into States of Matter
Figure 8.1 - Russells Painting of Wave Form Dynamics
Figure 8.10 - Each Phase of a Wave as Discrete Steps
Figure 8.11 - Four Fundamental Phases of a Wave
Figure 8.14 - Some Basic Waveforms and their constituent Aliquot Parts
Figure 8.2 - Compression Wave Phase Illustration
Figure 8.3 - Coiled Spring showing Longitudinal Wave
Figure 8.4 - Transverse Wave
Figure 9.10 - Phases of a Wave as series of Expansions and Contractions
Figure 9.11 - Compression Wave with expanded and contracted Orbits
Figure 9.13 - Wave Flow as function of Periodic Attraction and Dispersion
Figure 9.14 - Wave Flow and Phase as function of Particle Rotation
Figure 9.15 - Wave Flow and Wave Length as function of Particle Oscillatory Rotation
Figure 9.16 - Russells 1-4 Octaves of Matter as Integrated Light - The Universal Constant
Figure 9.17 - Russells Ten Octaves of Matter as Integrated Light - The Universal Constant
Figure 9.5 - Phases of a Wave as series of Expansions and Contractions
Figure 9.9 - Wave Disturbance from 0 Center to 0 Center
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Table 12.02.01 - Wavelengths and Frequencies
The Secret of Light
The Wave - page 180
The Wave - Page 181
The Wave - page 182
The Wave - page 183
The Wave - page 184-185
The Wave - page 186
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Three Main Parts of a Wave
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We Now Build the Nine Equators of Cube-Sphere Wave-Fields
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12.05 - Three Main Parts of a Wave
13.35 - Clashing of Light and Dark
14.19 - Dominant is Light
14.20 - Dominant is Light of Mind or Thought or Idea
14.25 - Dominant is Light of Electrical Spark
14.26 - Dominant is Light of Mind
14.33 - Mind Force - Light - Etheric Subdivision
16.06 - Electric Waves are Sound Waves
2.20 - Let there be Light
3.8 - There are no Waves
3.9 - Nodes Travel Faster Than Waves or Light
4.11 - Matter is Centralized Condensed and Differentiated Light
7B.09 - Luminiferous Ether or Light
7B.10 - Light
7B.19 - Light and Heat
8.3 - Conventional View of Wave Motion
8.4 - Wave types and metaphors
8.5 - Wave Motion Observables
8.6 - Wave Form Components
8.8 - Water Wave Model
9.2 - Wave Velocity Propagation Questions
9.30 - Eighteen Attributes of a Wave
9.31 - Oscillatory Motion creating Waveforms
9.34 - Wave Propagation
9.35 - Wave Flow

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