tonal wave position

"One of the greatest causes which led to the assumption of an atomic nucleus is the familiar spiral nebulae of the heavens. As you examine them in these pages you will see a central sun in all of them, around which suns and their planets are revolving like a pinwheel. These spiral nebulae are all dying stellar systems, which do not become systems until after the collision

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of octave pairs of rings at wave amplitudes. In other words an atom, such as hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, aluminum or sodium is a single particle - not a system. The radar principle of Nature determines its tonal wave position. Each of these are rings around holes. Carbon is a system, for it is a united pair which has reached maturity and must now begin to die by throwing off the rings which made it what it was. Every sun you see is flaming carbon. True it is, that it centers a system and appears to be its nucleus, but it is not a nucleus which is holding its system, or itself, together. It is a Cosmic powder keg which is doing its best to explode. It cannot do this all at once for the cold of the zero universe will not let it. It cools gradually and dies as it cools. There is no force of any nature which holds it together by an inward pull. Nature does not attract, nor does it repel. It compresses within a vacuum and the vacuum restores its normality. Electricity creates tensions which the universal vacuum releases from tension." [Atomic Suicide, page 134-135]

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