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To know the wave is to know the secret of creation. [See In the Wave lies the Secret of Creation]

The wave is nature's method of transferring the dimensionless concept of form in inertia to dimensional form in mass in motion by an impact of the energy of the concept against the inertial plane. [See Akasa, Akashic, Akashic Records]

All waves are the expression of force, a record of the universal constant or its multiples in accumulated energy. [See Harmonics, partials]

The dimensions of any wave are the dimensions of the multiples, in universal ratios, of the energy constant represented by that wave.

Waves are not undulations such as those produced by the shaking of a rope up and down. They are actions and reactions beginning at and growing from harmonic points of impact upon the inertial plane of the wave.

Nor are waves continuations of motion beginning at one source and transferred, in sequence. [See Concentric Rings]

Waves are simultaneously generated from inertia at intervals which are sequential, and in dimensions which are opposed and sequential.

Sequential intervals of the expression of force in motion are simultaneously recorded on the inertial planes of equilibrium of each consecutive octave of motion.

Within each consecutive octave every expression of motion is sequentially produced and reproduced in every atom of every element until it is finally recorded in the inertial planes.

All of the energy of the universal constant is existent in inertia and all of its variations in accumulation are stored in the sequential inertial planes of equilibrium which have their chemical representation in the inert gases, from which they borrow their appearance of existence of mass motion.

The inert gases are the storehouses of all of the states of motion contained within the mass of the wave.

The purpose of the wave is to transfer states of motion from one potential to another. [See Law of Assimilation, Rhythmic Balanced Interchange]

This is nature's method of accumulating the energy constant from low potential to high potential, octave by octave, in a series of progressive steps until maximum motion has been reached.

Every state of motion is the result of a concept of that state.

The purpose of motion is to contract concept into form and then to expand it into the memory of form. [See Mind In Matter]

All concepts are but recollections of eternal ideas.

All forms are but the regenerated memories of universal Mind.

Each action of motion is recorded by a reaction in the master tone inert gas of each octave.

Any expression of motion whether of gravitation or radiation, or whether the tossing of a marble or the revolving of a planet, is simultaneously recorded by impact against the inertial plane of every octave of recorded motion in the universe of dimension, and from there produced and reproduced sequentially in waves of mass in motion.

The sequences of a wave are tonal and its tonal intervals have an appearance of existence in masses of relative dimensions.

Let us repeat the definition of a wave: "The wave is nature's method of transferring the dimensionless concept of form in inertia to dimensional form in mass in motion by an impact


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