14.25 - Dominant is Light of Electrical Spark

"The Dominant current of the electrical stream is the electricity luminous." Keely, Keely and His Discoveries

"They (polarized currents) achieve association only near the "junction of terrestrial interference". [PoL - Chapter 9]

This particular point that the luminosity seen during an electric spark is or represents the dominant may be indicative of the power hidden in the spark gap eluded to by researchers. Light is one of the many forms of plasma. See Electron where particles made of light (leptons) are discussed.

"There appears to be a common thread shared between several alternative energy devices. It is the pre-glow discharge.

  • The report on the Hans Coler device released by the British Government indicates that there is excess energy released when electrical contacts are opened and closed.
  • The Lester Hendershot device utilized a buzzer circuit that opened and closed its electrical contacts.

In the Alfred Hubbard coil pre-glow discharge flowed through electrical contacts, a distributor cap and radium soaked spark plug.

  • The Joseph Newman motor used a sparking commutator.
  • Thomas Moray invented a glowing, cold cathode discharge tube that was the heart of his radiant energy generator.
  • Hermann Plauson was granted U.S. Patent No. 1,540,998 that used spark gaps to convert atmospheric energy.
  • Frank Wyatt Prentice was granted Canadian Patent No. 253,765 that detailed his invention, which lighted 50 sixty-watt carbon lamps with an input of only 500 watts. His invention utilized a spark gap driven high frequency tuned resonant system.
  • Chancy Britten used pre-glow ion valves constructed with a central wire that was surround by a coil of wire which is described in his US Patent No. 1,826,727. Britten's valve was said to have lit up his home in the 1930's according to a local newspaper article of that time period.
  • Alexander Chernetski experimented with what appears to have been a type of ion-valve that was filled with hydrogen gas. It is said that he got up to five times more energy out of his device than what he put into it.
  • Edwin Gray was granted U.S. Patent No. 3,890,548 for his efficient spark gap driven capacitive-discharge motor. He improved on this patent by replacing the spark gap with a pre-glow discharge switching tube. His U.S. Patents No. 4,595,975 and No. 4,661,747 describes this tube in detail. Gray's patents claim to conserve battery power by sending unused energy back to the supply batteries. Gray thought that counter-electromotive force was solely responsible for recharging the batteries in his system. Radiant energy was generated during the pre-glow discharge cycle that also contributed to recharging the batteries.
  • Paulo N. Correa and Alexander N. Correa obtained patents to their pre-glow discharge system that recovered energy and recharged a battery." (Bruce Perreault, 03/25/03)

”When working with currents discharging disruptively, the element chiefly to be considered is not the frequency, as a student might be apt to believe, but the rate of change per unit of time....

Frequency alone in reality does not mean anything, except when an undisturbed harmonic oscillation is considered.” - Nikola Tesla

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