"By interposing pure hydrogen between soap films as an accelerating medium a vibrational frequency is induced by the "enharmonic third" that can only be represented in sound colors and 'cannot be set down in figures.'" Keely invented instruments demonstrating in many variations the colors of sound, and registering the frequency of each variation.

He mentions demonstrating by sound colors the following frequencies:

The Harmonic thirds, producing molecular frequency of 100,000,000. The Enharmonic sixths, producing molecular frequency of 300,000,000. The diatonic ninths, producing a molecular frequency of 900,000,000. The dominant etheric sixths, producing a frequency of 8,100,000,000, and the interetheric ninths, producing a frequency of 24,300,000,000 per second.

"By interposing hydrogen gas between soap films of the differential diameters of thirds illuminated by a sunbeam after passing through a prism, and adjusting the spectrum to an 'arch' of three feet, makes a researching instrument for inaudible vibrations. The ideal conditions are: isolated location free from audible sounds, a pedestal nonconductor of sound, set deep in the earth as a base for the instruments, a highly resonating room, and devices for neutralizing all vibrations from the operator. Such an instrument reveals the hidden world of inaudible sounds as the microscope reveals the hidden visible world. The soap films register inaudible vibrations 'deep down' and indicate the frequency or frequencies of simple or compound vibrations by the dissolving and re-dissolving of certain of the colors of the arch. The setting up of the component parts of this researching combination is quite easy in comparison to the difficulty in holding the film. By this means all wave propagations, electro-magnetic or otherwise, can be refracted and their frequency measured, all of these vibrations being 'introductorily subservient' to the luminous ether."

The transmissive sympathetic chord of "B flat third octave" when "passing into inaudibility" would induce "billions of billions" of vibrations, represented by sound colors on a screen illuminated by a solar ray. It is almost impossible to hold hydrogen between the two films long enough. Keely made over 1200 trials before he succeeded in inducing the "intense blue field" necessary. He worked on the experiments four hours daily for six weeks and believed that if he ever could get a film that will stand, he would be able to register the range of motion in all metallic mediums.

The inaudible atomic, etheric and interetheric vibrations, which control and direct the movements of the Universe, must of necessity from the magnitude of their results, be the most powerful of all sounds. Gravity is simply transmittive interetheric force under immense vibration.

As well as using the above method for investigating inaudible vibrations by means of sound colors, Keely also tested them by their effect on the magnetic needle.

Concerning the Trexar (the sectional three metal transmitter) he says "It as unerringly indicates the sympathetic vibratory interchange between the earth's neutral center and its envelope, as the magnet indicates the dominant flow."

"After vain attempts to come more closely to what I term a radiophonic vibratory position with microphonic adjustments, I have only been able to reach a few true and standard positions which I can satisfactorily analyze. There is one principle underlying all and this principle is the key."

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