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South is the birthplace of motion where inertia is overcome and the wheels of the universal machine begin slowly to revolve.

South is the birthplace of all effects of motion where reality ends and illusion begins.

South is the birthplace of idea which becomes more defined in ever increasing solidity as the form of idea contracts toward the north into harmonic spheres which are diffused into tenuity as they expand toward disappearance on the south inertial plane of their birth.

South is the birthplace of time which accelerates all effects of motion in relative ratios as it contracts toward the north, and decelerates them as it expands on its return to south.

South is the aphelion point of all masses moving in orbits around a point of north.

South is the birthplace of all other dimensions of motion which contract all their standard units of measurement as they concentrate in the electric stream flowing north, and expand those same standard units of measurement as they decentrate in the magnetic stream flowing south.

North is the direction of instability and of the force of motion-in-opposition, where the opposites of every expression of energy meet in their maximum of expression.

North is always the vortex of the whirlpool at which every opposite expression of energy meets in bi-sexual union.

North is the point where sex meets sex, where sexes meld as a bi-sexual one sex. [See Voiding]

North is the point of self reproduction of the energy of its wave.

North is the perihelion point of all masses moving in orbits around a point of north.

North is the point where generation ends, degeneration begins and reproduction repeats.

Generation is a journey to north from south and degeneration is a return.

Reproduction is a repetition of that journey to mass from plane.

North is the meeting point of all of the positive-negative, plus-minus, male-female pressure walls which have been erected toward both northerly overtone points of every wave, to help sustain the illusion of stability which this universe of motion constantly produces.

Form in motion is a reflection of concept in inertia.

Form is conceived in harmonic plane circles of non-motion, and reflected in harmonic spheres of motion.

North is the point of maximum instability where the maximum gyroscopic motion of the universal machine lends its assistance in supporting the reflection of stability.

The bi-sexual plane of the overtone of every wave is the flywheel of the universal machine, revolving with gyroscopic perfection of balance at an angle of 90° to the inertial plane of concept of its wave of energy.

In this reflected position, its resistance planes are parallel. There are no bevel gears, no precessional motions and no intersecting planes.

Gyroscopic imperfection of motion lies in precessional motion of wheels with bevel gears, and in intersecting planes of resisting pressures.

No better example of gyroscopic imperfection of motion could be found than our own solar system in which all of the planets revolve in planes of some variance to the solar equatorial plane, where resistance pressure walls intersect, and where precessional motion necessitates bevel gears for every wheel.

The overtone plane of gyroscopic perfection is the plane where north meets south and east meets west in bi-sexual unity.

The overtones of gyroscopic perfection are where the electric poles have contracted to a point, and where the ever shortening positive cones of energy turn their outer positive contours to inner negative ones by expanding their bases to the planes of their apices.

The planes of gyroscopic imperfection are the opposing planes of pressure walls ever moving tonally in locked potential positions toward the ultimate north of their waves of energy.


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