Active Force

WE know not for how many ages colours have been developing. "In the beginning, darkness was upon the face of the deep." The physical properties of light are probably the deepest and most interesting studies in physical science. I only touch upon light as the acting energy or life, causing, in its struggles with darkness, not only the varieties of colour around us, but the colour even of light itself, as colours arise from rays of light exercising different influences. [Harmonies of Tones and Colours, On Colours as Developed by the same Laws as Musical Harmonies1, page 18]

"The active principle from the wild cherry bark with the other ingredients is a stimulation to the lungs, throat and bronchials, and those organs above the diaphragm." Cayce (2790-1)

"The first ingredient, the wild cherry bark, is a direct activative force upon the pneumogastrics and the pulmonary system.

"The sarsaparilla works with the gastric juices of the stomach, and the eliminations in the peristaltic movement through the intestinal tract." Cayce (1012-1)

"Mind is an effort, or an active force that partakes of spiritual as well as material import. Mind is an essence or a flow between spirit and that which is made manifest materially." [Cayce (262-123)]

"The yellow dock root is an emit and blood purifier, an active principle with the secretions of the liver." Cayce (643-1)

"The prickly ash bark acts directly with the activative forces in the liver itself, in the gall duct, and as a stimulant to the pancreas and spleen's activity." Cayce (1012-1)

"Spirit is the First Cause. Mind is an effect, or an active force that partakes of spiritual as well as material import. Mind is an essence or a flow between Spirit and that which is made manifest materially.

"God, the First Cause, in spirit, created in spirit the separate influences or forces that are a portion of, and manifested in the spirit of God. In that essence, to become materially manifested through the evolution of the spirit of God, sin first began.

"The first concept as may be had of that in materiality is that it is an essence, without form, save as it begins to manifest, - as would be gas, odor, wind, smoke, - yet that it has with it the will, the mind, the power to make manifest by that with which, in which, it manifests, - as does also odor, gas, wind and the like.

"Thus - as the activities came - we may assume that the First Cause was Spirit, Mind, Will." Cayce (262-123)

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