10.03 - Sympathetic Streams

Sympathetic streams are, according to Keely, the highest attribute of matter and energy of the physical Universe. These sympathetic streams or flows are the very heart of all motion - such motion creating all forms of matter and energy. An inherent and all important property of these streams is sympathy or sympathetic attraction or "mutual affinity" or mutual attraction and it is this attractiveness that many have labeled Love as in Universal or Unconditional Love. Hence it may be said Love as self-affinitizing sympathetic attraction constitutes the creative prime motive force behind and creating all that is. It is the motivating power behind all syntropic force and motions.

"There is but one position to arrive at, that will redeem the many failures of the past decade, in attempts to find an economizing medium for commercial benefit in regard to power; and that position will be attained when the polar sympathetic harness is completed, which will give to the world the control of the polar forces."

In reply to the question, "What do you include in the polar forces?" Keely answers, "Magnetism, Electricity, and gravital sympathy; each stream composed of three currents, or triune streams, which make up the governing conditions of the controlling medium of the universe: the infinite ninths that I am now endeavouring to graduate to a sympathetic mechanical combination, will, if I succeed, close my researches in sympathetic physics, and complete my system. These Sympathetic Stream from celestial spaces, percussing on the dense atmospheric environment of our earth, by their infinite velocities, wrest from their atomic confinement the latent energies which we call heat and light."

Question.- And where do these sympathetic conditions or streams of force have their origin?

Answer.- 'So God created man in His own image, in the image of God created He him: male and female created He them,' Genesis 1:27." All sympathetic conditions, or streams of force, are derived (if we dare to make use of such a term in speaking of Deity) from the cerebral convolutions of the Infinite: from the centre of the vast realm of the compound luminous. From the celestial intermediate, the brain of Deity, proceed the sympathetic flows that vitalize the polar terrestrial forces." - Keely in Keely and His Discoveries, Appendix II


What is light and heat, and how are they evolved? and why so intensely perceptible as emanating from the solar world?

Light and heat, considered theoretically, belong to the highest orders of the phenomenal. They can only be accounted for by the velocity of sympathetic streams, as interchangeable to and from centers of negative and attractive focalization. In considering the velocity of vibration, as associated with the projection of a ray of light, to be at least one hundred thousand billions per second, it is easy to account for the origin and demonstration of these two elements by the action of celestial sympathetic streams. 1st. Light and heat are not evolved until the force of the vibratory sympathetic stream from the neutral center of the sun comes into atomic percussive action as against the molecular atmosphere or envelope of our planet. It is so with all others that are perceptible to our senses. The visibility of the planets can only be accounted for in this way, some in a great degree, some in less. Innumerable thousands remain invisible to us by not having the conditions surrounding them, and associated with them, which favour the atomic and molecular antagonistic friction necessary to make them visible. The velocity of a steel ball, passing through the atmospheric envelope, at a speed of thousands of billions times less than an etheric sympathetic stream, would be dissipated into vapour in an indefinite period of a second of time. Light and heat, in a certain sense, are one and the same; light giving heat, and heat giving light. The whole mystery, as associated with their evolution, is explained by the bombardment of the sympathetic etheric stream on the dense portion of the molecular, in seeking the sympathetic, concordant, neutral center of the planetary mass that surrounds the point of focalization.

The positive and negative interchange of this true, sympathetic stream keeps intact the magnetic force of the polar envelope of the earth; making it, as it were, a great magnet of itself. The fact of this magnetic force being universally present, on and in our planet, proves the immeasurable speed and power of etheric sympathetic interchange. Thus it is that from the velocity of these sympathetic rays the earth's standard of heat and light is evolved and kept in balance. This interchange of sympathetic radiation between the solar world and its system of planets equates the sympathetic volume by the reception of the full amount expended on sympathetic distribution, thus showing the never-ending restoration of equilibrium by the same medium that disturbs it during intermittent sympathetic action. There are very many facts in vibratory physics which prove that the volume of heat, supposed by many to emanate from the sun, if concentrated upon a center of the volume represented by the sun, would give enough focal force, if projected upon the system of planets that is under its control, to vaporize them in one month's time. A ray of heat one billion times greater than the whole volume of the sun represents could not pass through the dark vacuous boundaries which lie between us and the sun without being neutralized and absorbed. KEELY. [True Science]

"The origin of all these streams or sympathetic flows is the "...centre of the vast realm of the compound luminous." i.e.; the vacuous etheric space between the planets and their suns. We already know this vast emptiness is not empty. It is filled with quanta and sub-quanta entities. It is a veritible 'soup' of sub-quantum centralizations containing enormous energy values.

Q.: In occult chemistry it is given that force was begun in the interstices or bubbles in space and therefore space is the negation of force or matter.

A.: "This is just what is given here, in how these negations are formed in that as is called a bubble or becomes a sphere, in its attractability to the forces as are in formation within our own sphere, see? That's the creation of worlds - that's the creation as is kept in force, see?"

Q.: This being so, gravity drawing everything to the center, according to density, there comes a position from without a planet where space and lightest etheric matter meet - and the planet together with its atmosphere revolve through space. The planet, consisting of all degrees of vibrations - even to the lightest etheric matter - have no relationship to space. An example somewhat similar on objective plane can be given as to the passage of etheric matter through what we term as solid substance. Is this theory correct?

A.: "That's the atomic theory! That is the theory as is seen - not theory, but the actual conditions as exist, as has been given and shown here in the activity of how forces build in their radiation without the application of space (as physically known), and how that there is the radiation through the forces as they move about one another." Cayce 197-57 See more Cayce quotes on the various Free Energy machines he was consulted about: Cayce Perpetual Motion Machines

"Matter and space likewise are sex mates (seeming polar opposites). Each has become what each is by opposing the other to attain the appearance of separateness. Then each interchanges with each by breathing into and out of each other until space disintegrates matter and becomes what the other was. Space disintegrates suns and earths by the way of equators and generates them by the way of poles. Heat generated by cold by the way of poles is radiated by the way of equators. Suns thus turn inside-out. Cold bores black holes right through their poles and great suns become rings, like those in Lyra and other ring nebulae which are plentiful in the heavens." Russell, The Secret of Light, page 127

"Matter is light gravitationally assembled into the appearance of form..." Russell, The Universal One, Book I, Chapter II

From the "Celestial Intermediate", composing the "Brain of Deity" proceed the sympathetic flows that give vitality to the polar terrestrial flows, in other words, to all the earth energy currents which include but are not limited to magnetism, Electricity and gravity. The material universe comprises the physical "Brain of Deity". The Universal Mind of Deity is what creates, activates and perpetuates the physical realm from its seemingly distant ethereal realm but which in fact is as close as our own breath.

Ether, etheric, Light, luminous, celestial, Father, Mind are all similar labels in that they are descriptives of the primal tenuous energetic states and/or substances self-composing and ever creating all matter syntropically. These elements are synonymous with a certain class of modern day quanta and occupy a range of energy proceeding and evolving up to Hydrogen. These elements are the reverse of that other class of deadly radiations emanating from decaying heavy elements found at the other end of the Table of the Elements. [See Full Chart of Matter and Energy.] These primordial elements preceeding Hydrogen comprise the etheric formative (syntropic) forces that build and give life to light weight atoms, molecules and structures made from same. The deadly radio-active elements are comprised of deconstructive (entropic) forces occurring during the death and decay by radiant forces of the heavy elements. The first class give Life while the second class give Death and are functional dynamical descriptions of Life and Death.

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