age of transmutation

"The great power to transmute through Mind-control by Mind-knowing, is man's when he finally knows CAUSE instead of being limited to the effects of cause. When that day comes man will no longer need to use the limited supply of the earth's fossil fuels, nor need he labor to procure them. The age of transmutation can be but one year away if man chooses to open his mind to new concepts, or, otherwise, it may be three thousand years away. CAUSE can never be known by the study of its EFFECT in motion. Cause is in knowing Mind, not in sensed-body. Cause lies within the invisible universe which does not respond to the senses, and not in the senses which can but sense motion and can never know." [Atomic Suicide, page 98]

NEW CONCEPTS FOR SCIENCE AND NEW VALUES FOR HUMANITY. Man must be transformed or perish. Old concepts and old material values must become as obsolete as horse-and wagon transportation become obsolete when motors and planes appeared.

Man is still barbarian. just so long as man kills man, he is barbarian. The dawn of his Consciousness is barely six thousand years back in his history. Man must have new concepts, new ideals and new values which will uplift him from the barbarian desires to kill for greed - to build empires for power - to seek happiness thru material possession -or to accumulate gold under the delusion that he is creating wealth.

Material values as standards of wealth must be rendered valueless. Science has the power to make the transition so gradually that the readjustment will create no hardship to commercial interests and world economy. Just as the transition into the machine age lessened the burdens of man and added to his wealth, so will the transition into the Age of Transmutation have a similar beneficial effect. [Walter Russell]

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