Table of Correspondences

Pituitary Heaven Interetheric 7th Order
Pineal Name Interetheric 6th Order
Thyroid Will Interetheric 5th Order
Thymus Evil Interetheric 4th Order
Adrenals Debts Interetheric 3rd Order
Lyden Temptation Interetheric 2nd Order
Gonads Bread Interetheric 1st Order

Table of Correspondences

These correspondences hold for any octave. The principles that generate music scales is the same principle that creates all other correspondences. See As Above So Below and Metaphor. For instance if "C" is taken as the fundamental all the other notes are derived when "C" is sounded as discrete developments of the Overtone Series. This breaking out process is called refraction of a One Whole stream such as the sunlight coming from the Sun and differentiating into a rainbow. See 1.21 - It Really Is a Musical Universe for a brief description of this progressive evolutionary process.

Refracted or differentiated white or non-observable (undifferentiated) light from the sun into observable color and matter. [See White Light, Full Harmonic Chord]

Rainbow is Differentiated White Light
Differentiated White (not visible) Light into Visible Light

Just as the relationship of hypotenuse of face/base to centre of the Great Pyramid is Phi/1 (angle of face is 51.82729237). Which is the angle of incidence of the secondary rainbow often observed in the aftermath of large storms.

Primary Arc: 40° - 42° Secondary Arc: 52° 15'

Double Rainbow

Circular Glory Rainbow

12 types of rainbows

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Break-out of Colors, Tones and Attributes

Figure 4.16 - Break-out of Colors, Tones and Attributes. (click to enlarge)

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Figure 12.03 - Scale Showing Relations of Light, Color and Tones (color added)

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