Law of Correspondence

The Law of Correspondence. In the world of rhythmic motions of vibrations and oscillations we would be more precise to use the terms Law of Harmonic Pitch, Law of Harmonic Vibrations and Law of Cycles. Then the principles of these laws, when applied to phenomena other than rhythmic motions of vibration and oscillation (sound, color, vibration and music) such as endocrine glands, would better be termed Law of Correspondence. Same principles different realms of activity and application. In other words when the first three laws are applied to anything other than sound, vibration and music it is through or because of the Law of Correspondence. The Law of Correspondence covers "As Above So Below" without going into the WHAT is above and below and the HOW and WHY this is which are covered by the three laws. Perhaps the Law of Correspondence would better be called Principle of Correspondence. The Law of Sympathy or Law of Sympathetic Association covers the same concept. [See metaphor]

"...all things of nature, and likewise of the human body, and also every single particular in them, correspond to spiritual things. Hitherto, however, it has not been known what correspondence is, although in the most ancient times this was very well known; for the science of correspondences was then the science of sciences..." Emanuel Swedenborg DSS 20.

"I have been instructed that the men of the Most Ancient Church (The Golden Age) were of a genius so heavenly that they spoke with angels of heaven, and that they were able to speak with them by means of correspondences. From this the state of their wisdom was rendered such that whatever they saw in this world they thought about not only in a natural way, but spiritually also at the same time, so that they thought unitedly with angels." Emanuel Swedenborg DSS 21.

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