Indig Numbers

Indig Numbers

Original Source Material:
Fuller, R. Buckminster, "Synergetics, Explorations in the Geometry of Thinking" (paragraphs 1221.17 - 1223.16). Macmillan Publishing Co., 1975, 1979.

Absolute Four and the Octave Wave

by Michael Henry

24 August 2000 18:30 UTC

Absolute Four and the Octave Wave

Buckminster Fuller proves that there is an octave of eight magnitude-altering sets of indigs which in turn disclose primary dichotomy into four positively altering and four negatively altering magnitude operators, with each set arranged in absolute arithmetical sequence of from one to four only. There are apparently no cosmically absolute numbers other than 1, 2, 3, and 4. This primitive fourness identifies exactly with one quantum of energy and with the fourness of the tetrahedron's primitive structuring as constituting the "prime structural system of Universe," i.e., as the minimum omnitriangulated differentiator of Universe into insideness and outsideness, which alone, of all macro-micro Universe differentiators, pulsates inside-outingly and vice verse as instigated by only one force vector impinging upon it.

Pulsative Octave: The interaction of all numbers other than nine creates the wave phenomenon described, i.e., the self-invertible, self-inside-outable octave increasing and decreasing pulsatively, fourfoldedly, and tetrahedrally. No matter how complex a number-aggregating sequence of events and conditions may be, this same number behavior phenomenon is all that ever happens. There is thus a primitively comprehensive, isotropically distributive, carrier-wave order omniaccommodatively permeating and embracing all phenomena.

Not only is there an external zero intervalling between all the unique octave-patterning sets in every one of the four positive, four negative systems manifest, but we find also the wave-intermodulating indigs within each octave always integrating sum-totally internally to the octaves themselves as nines, which is again an internal zero content - this produces in effect a positive zero function vs. a negative zero function, i.e., an inside-out and outside-out zero as the ultracosmic zero-wave pulsativeness.

Thus we discover the modus operandi by which radio waves and other waves pass uninterferingly through seeming solids, which are themselves only wave complexes. The lack of interference is explained by the crossing of the high-frequency waves through the much lower-frequency waves at the noninterfering zero points, or indeed by the varifrequencied waves through both one another's internal and external zero intervals.

Pairing of Prime Numbers: I am fascinated by the fundamental interbehavior of numbers, especially by the behavior of primes. A prime cannot be produced by the interaction of any other numbers. A prime, by definition, is only divisible by itself and by one. As the integers progress, the primes begin to occur again, and they occur in pairs. That is, when a prime number appears in a progression, another prime will appear again quite near to it. We can go for thousands and thousands of numbers and then find two primes appearing again fairly close together. There is apparently some kind of companionship amoung the primes. Euler, amoung others, has theories about the primes, but no one has satisfactorily accounted for their behavior.

Maximum Asymmetry: In contrast to all the nonmeaning, the Scheherazade Numbers seem to emerge at remote positions in numerical progressions of the various orders. They emerge as meaning out of nonmeaning. They show that nature does not sustain disorder indefinitely. From time to time, nature pulses inside-outingly through an omnisymmetric zerophase, which is always our friend vector equilibrium, in which condition of sublime symmetrical exactitude nature refuses to be caught by temporal humans; she refuses to pause or be caught in structural stability. She goes into progressive asymmetries. All crystals are built in almost - but not quite - symmetrical asymmetries, in positive or negative triangulation stabilities, which is the maximum asymmetry stage. Nature pulsates torquingly into maximum degree of asymmetry and then returns to and through symmetry to a balancing degree of opposite asymmetry and turns and repeats and repeats. The maximum asymmetry probably is our minus or plus four, and may be the fourth degree, the fourth power of asymmetry. The octave, again.


W. D. Gann, in his work of forecasting the various markets, divides time and price levels by the octave eight, and also by thirds to derive resistance levels and time periods to watch for trend changes. Nothing other than dividing into eighths and thirds is used to compute time and price levels for resistances or changes in trends in all of his writings. He uses abundant examples to prove his theories. Eighths work out close to some of the Fibonacci's, such as 5/8ths, or, 62.5 being close to the Fibonacci 61.8, or 3/8ths, 37.5, being close to 38.2. Gann asserts that there is lost motion or momentum that often carries prices slightly off from these support and resistance levels, but uses eighths to measure the exact center of gravity or vibrational Harmony from the various ranges and price levels.

Bucky writes: If the readers would like to do some of their own indig exploration they may be instructively intrigued by taking a book of mathematical tables and turning to the table of second powers of integers. If they undertake to indig each of those successively listed second-power numbers they will discover that, for the first 100 numbers listed, a unique sequence of 24 integers will appear that peaks at 25, reverses itself, and bottoms at one, only to turn again and peak at 50, bottom at 75, and peak again at the 100th number which, when analyzed, manifests a 2 x 2 x 2 = 8 = 2^3 x 3 = 24 four-dimensional wave. This four-dimensional wave is only comprehendible when we discover the three-frequency reality of F^3 x 2 1/2, 3, 4, 5, 6, the a-priori, initially-volumed, ergo three-dimensional reality multiplied by the third power of omnidirectional growth rate. (if interested, refer to Bucky's Synergetics book, chapter on numerology)

My own investigations reveal a repeating pattern, of every 24 Fibonacci numbers, in which position they land on in successive "square of 12 charts". In one of 15 locations out of the 144 possibilities of each chart, repeating this "landing on" sequence every 24 Fibonacci's. 24 repeating sequence x 15 positions which they land on = 360.

I suppose you could stretch things and say that Gann's eighths and thirds multiplied equals 24.


So we have on August 30, 2000 a period of 24 years (288 months) from the all time low in gold futures in 1976, and 24 times the time of rally of gold of 360 hours last September spent in correction. There is a mass Fibonacci happening in early September in time measurements of the gold market. Last September was the time of rally in gold. So possibly we get this explosive rally in gold I have been waiting for right here in September. A lot may depend upon the energy complex getting quickly out of control, price-wise. Fundamentally everything is in place. Add in the fact that the US has treated Muslims worse than dirt for decades, and some fundamental uprising may be underway. But I can wait if not. Empire collapses aren't that much fun anyway.

Gold is 24 carats you can bank on, 24 hours a day. This is not a standard long wave interpretation. This is an end-of-empire interpretation. How does the fall of the Roman Empire fit into a longwave ? The fall of the USSR empire ? It probably overrides anything going on. The end of the US empire and the collapse of the dollar is what would cause gold to soar really high, not just some decade long supply deficit and massive gold derivatives short covering.

If crude oil gets severely unavailable, then most manufacturing, raw materials, transportation, etc. of our consumer goods supply chain will be serverely disrupted and consumer goods will become quite scarce. This is a fact - our industrial complex is built around crude oil and not at all independent of it.

I would like to see an accounting of any and all profits of the Federal Reserve which were turned over to the US Treasury. Probably about as much profits as the Fed has sent to me.


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