two centers

Keely stood, fourteen years ago, on the wrong side of the abyss which separates conjecture from fact. "The bridge of mist" he writes, "which spanned the chasm between the two is gradually resolving itself into one of granite, which the nations of the earth may safely traverse, stretching between the two centers; the celestial and terrestrial. The visible one is the one of mist: the invisible one is the one of granite." [from Keely and His Discoveries]

"It has not escaped God-control, however, for the sun's gravity still controls it by centering a larger circle, which includes its entire wanderings around two centers instead of one." [Atomic Suicide, page 171]

"In God's Creation He limits all motion to that point in compression where invisible white light has been reached between

[p. 36]

the two visible yellows of flame in fission state. When a sun has become a true sphere its center has reached the white invisible still point in the spectrum where motion has ceased. Up to that very point the inward speed of compression has multiplied to its limit of 186,400 miles per second. At that point also the sun has reached its maximum temperature. At that point also, there is but one center of gravity. Until then there are two. White light is always invisible, for it is always still. It could not be white otherwise. Any motion, whatsoever, would be visible as yellow." [Atomic Suicide, - Chapter 2 - How Radioactivity Kills - VI, page 35-36]

"Attraction is the mutual approach of aggregates caused by concentrated waves of harmonic energy, tending to move in line of least resistance, by becoming the center of one series of concentric waves instead of two or more series." [Keely] See two controlling points of stillness, Bjerknes Effect

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