10.07 - Centers of Mutual Attraction

The centers of mutual attraction begin as Interetheric Ideas about which aggregate and concretize aliquot and substantive self-assembling motions appearing as solid parts, but in appearance only. These centralizing motions would be perceived as spinning vortices originating out of the Grand Neutrality of Space and focusing at a common point orthogonally. Motion is by its nature polarized and not neutral which is motion's opposite. That which is other than polarized motion is considered neutral or depolar. Depolar substance is not polar hence not vibratory (dual phase) in the common sense of that word. In the assembly of six vortices there are the spaces between the spinning vortices that are depolar zones. These eight corner depolar zones exist in all centralizations. As they are not polar they are not frequency specific and are therefore sympathetic and sympathetically linked (quantum entangled) to one to all other depolar corners. As this space has not self-formed into centralizations of whatever size and density it must be viewed as depolar and undifferentiated and having an infinite small size and therefore infinite high density. This logic either holds for this concept or all else fails.

It must be remembered it is possible to have low vibration but simultaneously have high oscillation and to have high vibration frequency and low oscillatory frequency. In fact these two motions are always locked into this reciprocal and relative give and take dance. Space, then, is varying rates of high vibration and large oscillation while matter is varying rates of low vibration and small oscillation. This point of reciprocal rhythmical motion, power, velocity and et al have been missed by science and New Era (alternative science and health) proponents. This Reciprocal Proportionality is discussed in more detail in Part 12 - Russells Locked Potentials.

Vortices in Cube extending in to and out from Center
Figure 10.06 - Vortices in Cube extending in to and out from Center

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