9.22 - Multiple Excited Centers

Excited means disturbed equilibrium. Excited is also a Disturbance. As in energy released/energy absorbed. An excited or disturbed center becomes a dominant center to which surrounding centers become subservient by neutral center modulation; i.e., induction (absorbing or assimilating vibratory energy which induction is propagated and maintained by sympathetic vibration or sympathetic oscillation or flows) as in the Bjerknes Effect. A second center may be a virtual center and becomes sympathetically "disturbed" thereby becoming sub-servient to the dominant center and sub-dominant within the overall system. These are the centers about which particles then orbit and rotate on their own axis. This transfer of vibratory and oscillatory states reflects in periodic motions by sympathetic induction and maintain "relative" power and position to the Dominant Center of the original disturbance (source).

Which orderly propagating Etheric disturbance is as the quiescent Mind of God thinking the motionless Void into dynamical materiality. (Thinking disturbs quietness and causes motion. Try it yourself.)

The ebb and flow of energy to and from these centers follows Keely's Law of Force. The Dominant Center sets the tone of all that happens around it whether within its own system or in neighboring systems into which it has an influence. The flow from center to center is a sympathetic vibratory interetheric flow. Being sympathetic it is harmonic. Upon merging with a secondary or sub-servient center the flow splits (refracts or differentiates) and becomes enharmonic to a degree dictated by number. The more harmonic a center in relation to neighboring centers the more its dominance and all relatively enharmonic centers will always be sub-servient to its over-riding harmonical influences.

"Neutral centers are the focalized seat of sympathetic concordance for controlling any differentiation that may exist outside, or in the mass that surrounds them." Keely and His Discoveries

Wave Disturbance from 0 Center to 0 Center
Figure 9.9 - Wave Disturbance from 0 Center to 0 Center

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