14.13 - Full Harmonic Chord

In Keely's philosophy the polar field or Full Harmonic Chord of "vitalized focalized intensity" (syntropic force) is represented by 100 or "ninths". The polar propulsive (entropic) field represented by 66 2/3 or "sixths". While the remaining 33 1/3 "thirds" is the neutral, etheric or Dominant field (Mind, Idea, Volition, Thought, Intent, Desire). If Dominant is mental and controls the other two states then it is as an Idea of either Constructive or Destructive thought. For instance one can have ideas of a positive, constructive and successful life as opposed to ideas of a negative, destructive, failed life. The difference in the results are the long held ideas which form the beliefs that are the formative core of the material and/or eventful effects. Therefore, in physics or physical science, the Dominant is a state of Mind either positive and constructive or negative and destructive. This state of Mind exists, according to Keely, on the etheric and interetheric levels of Matter and Energy. From our correlated Chart of Matter and Energy (also Etheric Elements) we can see this level is the same as gluonic activities. By extension there MUST be an anti-gluon and a neutral gluon. Positive thoughts then are gluonic substance and activity while negative thoughts would of a dispersive particulate, a Fermion or Neutrino perhaps?

"The vibrational frequency governing the magnetic flow comes under the "first interatomic" and ranges from 300,000 to 780,000 per second. This is the first order above odor and permeates the glass molecules of the compass cover as air permeates a sieve. The course of this sympathetic flow is governed by the full harmonic chord and consequently moves in straight lines, its sympathetic transmission being free from molecular interference. [POLARIZATION AND DEPOLARIZATION]

"One desire (of Mind) is for separation from Oneness into unbalanced multiplicity (entropy) and the other is for voidance of multiplicity into balanced Oneness (syntropy). One desire is for action and the other for rest." Russell, The Secret of Light

  1. Showing cyclical nature of syntropic and entropic forces continuously creating and decreating matter from the Void, aether, Scalar Potential or Compound Interetheric.
  2. Tenuous dispersed Matter integrates or forms syntropically from right to left going counter clockwise.
  3. Solid dense Matter disintegrates entropically from left to right going counter clockwise.

see Rhythmic Balanced Interchange and Law of Compensation and Equilibrium

Chart of Matter and Energy
Chart of Matter and Energy

Complete Cycle of Force to Matter to Energy
Complete Cycle of Force to Matter to Energy

NOTE - This chart does NOT show the dynamics of the vortex. The vortices at the left are there to show that it is in this position of this chart that Syntropy and Entropy come together to create the elements. The nature and dynamics of the vortex are incredibly complex. Russell's vortex drawings of which there are many in diverse configurations are over simplifications showing discrete concepts. To meld them together into a comprehensive paradigm would be an arduous undertaking involving many parts and dynamics. [See Vortex]

Complete Cycle of Force to Matter to Energy

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