3.22 - Quantum Leap Delta equivalent to Locked Potentials Delta

These centralizations are nothing more than force/energy being absorbed or emitted and according to Russell occur at discrete energy levels as demonstrated in his Scale of Locked Potentials. These absorbing and emitting acts are intermittent high frequency pulses/explosions, when at the 4++ position, demonstrating one of Bearden's contentions of naturally occuring free energy.

If the centralization (atom) is radiating energy in whatever form it must of necessity reabsorb force else it will eventually give up all of its energy and transform into something else just as radioactive elements eventually do. When the two mated pairs come together in balanced opposition at the 4++ there is created a third condition of Etheric (seeming) Vacuum. These three highly dynamical states constitute the focal center about which "like surrounding .. conditions are sympathetically subservient".

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